Zamana Kharab Hai !

Today I was in a mood to go to some theatre and watch a movie. Its not that I haven’t seen any movie lately. I did see Dor and Shiva, but both on PC (thanks to these torrent sites). Dor is a very beautiful movie, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. But the effect that Dor created soon got destroyed after watching Shiva. One word, Pathetic describes the movie in its fullest. I wonder why Ramgopal Verma is wasting his (?) money on such crappy movies.

Anyway, I decided to go for Khosla Ka Ghoshla, but wasn’t able to book the tickets for the same. So when Pusham told me that the tickets for Woh Lamhe are available I agreed for it. Though initially I wasnt really in the mood to go for this movie but when Kopos vouched for it I thought that I should better pay some tribute to the movie which has earned me so many visitors with the “Kyun Aaj Kal” post.

Well, I must say that the movie is very good , even though at times I felt that the Schizophrenia scenes were highly inspired with the movie “A beautiful Mind” and were overdone at places and that girl Rani, looked as if she has been just taken out from the movie Bhoot and put here. But despite all these the movie is very well made. Shiney shines as usually and Kangana too has maintained the Khanak which she showed in Gangster. And, the best thing of the movie is its songs. Just too Good.

Thats all about the movie , I am already late for a complete review and not too keen to write one here. But, there is something else that happened in the theatre about which I am going to write here.

There were three of us for the movie, Me, Pushpam and Parivesh. Pushpam was sitting in the middle and me and Parivesh by each of his sides. There was a [not so] gentleman sitting in my right side seat and as it happens, our seat had a common armrest.

It was all fine in the beginning. But as soon as the lights were dimmed down and the movie started. I felt that this guy has started taking too much of the available space between us. And soon his hands started touching my hands. Considering it a normal situation I lifted my hand off the armrest and let him have the complete armrest, I also politely pointed him about the situation. He folded his bands back. Some 5 minutes spent and and his hands were back again. This time I was engrossed in the movie and didn’t pay heed to it. But, soon I noticed that his hands have crossed the armrest and are now touching my thighs now.

This really made me furious. I couldnt tolerate it any more and scolded him for not sitting properly and told him to behave himslef. Looking at the tone in my voice he immediately changed his posture and sat upright.

I had made up in mind, if he repeats the same thing again I am gonna slap him hard on the face. Bloody Gays !! But somehow, he seemed a little wiser and didnt repeat his mistake. He sat properly for the remaining part of the first half and post interval swapped the seat with his friend.

Now, I am still not sure that that guy was actually a gay or not. May be it was just a carelessness from his side. But still I think its better to speak out whenever you have a even a slightest of doubt.

Kyuni ! KantaBen kah ke gayi hai 🙂 ki, Kuch bhi ho sakta hai bhaiya, zamana kharab hai

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13 Responses to Zamana Kharab Hai !

  1. Halley कहते हैं:

    OMG i always thought it was girls who were abused in dark corners of cinema halls .. Zamana is a lot kharab than what i thought 😀 .

    Thnk god this one was a wiser Gay 😛 .

  2. G.I.Waters कहते हैं:

    Molested by another man ?
    Bad, bad, byaad ..

  3. kopos कहते हैं:

    rotfl :))

    one reason why rampugi keeps creating these crappy ones are mostly to keep the users expectations low on sholay and then blow them away 😉 of course though, thats a highly optimistic way of imagining things

  4. Manoj कहते हैं:

    Rahul is the best… i guess

    you can take some tips from Pappu on handling such situations better 😛

  5. shashi कहते हैं:

    The best way (when going out with friends) is to take either corner seat or middle one…..and with badluck if you get someone like this next to you….just starts behaving like you are bhai…put your legs over the chair or give some abusive words to movie….next man will not dare to do this …….

  6. utkarsh कहते हैं:

    Rocky ..
    ye kya ho raha hai ..
    Bansi nahin mila to tu Kabhi Alvida ke shahrukh se inspire ho kar extra college affairs chalane laga .. vo bhi Cinema hall mein .. 😛

    May be there was an extension to the story that you have not told us .. did you meet him later at some secluded spot and allowed him to touch all that he wanted .. and may be more ..

    or .. may be .. it was you who slid your hand down his thighs and since the gu(a)y enjoyed that .. he thought he should return the favour ..

    hey ishwar ..zamana sach mein kharaab hai ..

  7. Rakesh कहते हैं:

    @Halley: Its a very common incident, its just that I witnessed it for the first time.
    @Kunal : 🙂
    @Kopos: Wow ! what an explanation. I hope RGV gets to know it 🙂
    @Majj: I couldnt find out the name, otherwise I would have given my post a very similar title to “Rahul is the best”
    @Shashi: he he a very neat solution 🙂
    @Utkarsh: Abe, itni detailed story !! First Person experience hai kya 🙂

  8. mythalez कहते हैं:

    why did the guy change his seat in the interval?
    maybe to try his luck with another person ;))

  9. Vivek कहते हैं:

    Looks like hyderabad is the next hotspot for all this !!!
    Bad looking and scarce girls in Hyderabad are finally showing their impact on society 😀

  10. Sreejith कहते हैं:

    Wow rocky.. this is scary!! Talk to jaya, I think he can share an experience about a guy he gave a lift to.

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