Bhumihar- The Warrior Brahmins – II

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Bhumihars are known as Babhan. They are a community of Brahmins who have taken up Land and given up (TYAGI) priest craft (begging and doing Karmakand) even though there are few karmakandi Bhumihar brahmins in Hazaribagh Gaya, Patna & Benaras. They are spread from Afghanistan, Punjab, Maharastra, Gujrat, Kerala to Bihar. In Punjab they were known as Mohiyals, Chitapavan, Anavil, Havyak, Niyogi, Barendro but they claim descent from Lord Parshuram.

Actually Lord Parshuram was the first Brahmin in History to wear arms and to teach lessons to the Kings and bring them to justice. He also seized their land and handed over to Brahmins. The same brahmins are known as Bhumihar brahmins.

Bhujbal bhumi bhup binu kinhi,
bipul bar maheedevan dinhee.


The word Bhumihar derives its name from sanskrit word “Bhumi�? meaning land and Hara meaning maker. Earlier ethnographic accounts [Risley, Crooke1896] contain a large number of legends, which trace their Brahmin origin and the Brahmins who abandoned their priestly profession and took to landowning. “Babhan�? is a corrupt form of the word Brahmins. Some scholars, Pandit Hazariprashad Dwivedy and Sree Kameshwar Ojha believes; Bhumihar is a short form of Bhumi-Agrahar Bhojee Brahmin. Brahmins, who were responsible for Agrahar collection. King Harsha of Kannauj appointed them for this purpose.

According to the different standard dictionaries Bhumihar means a community of brahmins of UP&Bihar ( Standard Hindi to Hindi dictionary – Manak hindi shabdkosh; Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Prayag ). Almost all Hindi dictionaries says Bhumihar or Babhan means Brahmin. According to Sammanantra Kosh Bhumihar brahmins means- Babhan, Tyagi.

As per Kanyakubja Vansawalee, Bhumihars are one of of the divisions of Kanyakubja brahmins. There are five divisons of Kanyakubja Brahmins namely Sarvariya, Sanadhaya, Jujhotiya, Bhumihar and Prakrit Kanaujiya, This view was supported by the great historian Sir H. Eliot in his book supplemental glossary and also seen in the population report, It is also mentioned that all the above said division have common custom and traditions.

Suryanarayan Pandey in his book Sainik Brahmin has noted that only in two situation they were seprated from Kanyakubja brahmin the first was, when they were honoured and given land as AGRAHARAM by the kings of different states and second when they were attacked by muslim ruler. They wanted to preserve Hindu cultural heritage so they came to Eastern Kashi.

Lot of other Brahmins also have mixed and mingled with Bhumihar Brahmins such as Prachin Brahmins of Bihar known as SOBARNIYA has Savarna Gotra, Jujhotiya from Bundelkhand Sarvariya and Sanadhya from Kanyakubja Tatiha, Nokhuliya of Nonhtar of Bithur, Kinvar of Aakin(Kanpur), Baruar of Bafra, Sankarvar of Fatehpur, Pahitipuri Pandey of Pahitiya, Hirapuri Pandey of Haripur Unnav, Eksariya of Hastinapur (Mohiyal-Bali).


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8 Responses to Bhumihar- The Warrior Brahmins – II

  1. pundit says:

    Stop calling yourself brahmin. We are ashamed to be related to such uncivilized barbarian caste like yours. Also, stick this in your pipe and smoke it, Parashuram was a mythical charachter not a historical charachter. Samjhe, bewakoof.

  2. Pandit Shreedhar Rai says:

    Bhumihars are pandit/brahmin residing in Bihar & Uttar pradesh.

  3. Dr Ashish Rai says:

    Bhumiar Brahmin are one of the five divison of Kanyakubja brahmins.

  4. Bharat says:

    To Mr. Pundit
    Itna hi pachtawa hai brhamin hona per to musalman banja. Tuj jaisa napunsak say hi to brahmin pe bharat mai atyachar ho raha hi. Ja jat badal aur bawkoof shab ka istamal apna uper kar. Bhagwan parshuram ka apman sahan nahi hog. Comunists ki lal kitab padh kar khush hona ki jarurat nahi hai.

  5. Pundit says:

    To Mr Bharat,

    Dear bhumihar,
    are you mentally retarded? i have no problem in being a brahmin but i do have problem in bhumihar claiming to be brahmin because they are violent uneducated good for nothing yahoos. jao ab gai ko chaara khilao aur huamra bheja mat kharab karo. tumhare haath men kudaali aur phawda shobha deta hai keyboard nahi. bujha raha hai na
    tumhara shubchinak
    sat pratishat certified pundit

  6. Brahmarshi says:

    To Mr. Pandit,

    Tumhare haath mein “BEGGING BOWL” shobha deta hai, keyboard nahin – jao BHEEKH MAANGO.

  7. Pundit says:

    Bhumihar Katha

    Kshram ko bhulaane ke liye ek kahani sunata hoon. Once Lord Vishnu and the great sage Narad were visiting mrityu lok when they noticed a strange looking creature walking erratically, hither and thither on a straight road. Narad asked, “Prabhu, who is this creature that walks in such a strange manner” Lord Vishnu smiled and replied, “Manush hoyien ya hoyien bhumihar”. Either it’s a human or a bhumihar.
    There is another story about bhumihar pench but that will be told some other time.

    Katha samapt hui.

टिप्पणियाँ बंद कर दी गयी है.