Rakesh Kumar

I am Rakesh Kumar, a native of Jharkhand, an alumnus of IIIT Hyderabad. Presently I am working in Oracle India Development Center, Hyderabad.

This is my personal blog and the ideas and views expressed here are entirely mine and do not reflect that of my employer.

Thanks for visiting this page.


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PS: You can write me using the following contact form.


44 Responses to Rakesh Kumar

  1. vamshi कहते हैं:

    Hi rakesh, this is well written. I too like going places.After reading ur review i planned for kuntala with frnds.FYI there is another place called vikarabad which is 70 odd kms from hyderabad.Its too good for trekking and exploring wild fauna and flora.i been there last week with my frnds. i can give more info reg that in mail
    u can reach me at vamshivvk@rediffmail.com

  2. Aarti Swain कहते हैं:

    Namaste, Rakeshji.. sorry 4 da inconvenience. I’m RT from Indonesia. Ive readone of ur posting, about a song tittled “KYA MUJHE PYAAR HAI” by Kay Kay… U seems really amaze by the song.. well, just wanna tell u.. that song is taken, piraced, or stolen into hindi version from a song tittled TAK BISAKAH, an Indonesian song. The real singer an song writer is PETERPAN, a famous an popular Indo band. Sorry, no any hidden intention. Just wanna say that ur fav. song is piraced. Thanx.

  3. Anagh कहते हैं:

    Your weblog is gr8. I wanted 2 ask u for a favour. Can you send me an invitation for clustrmap. You have my email. Thanx

  4. Balachander S K कहते हैं:

    Nice pictures..I am a Prof.in a college,with a bit of breeze in ecology,conservation,and your site is fun,frolic..expressions of youth,in hyderabad..good going

  5. chandan कहते हैं:

    i am very impressed by seeing your collection of such spiritual thoughts.do you have jheene- beene chadeariya named song written by kabir das.
    if you have so please send it onmy mail.

  6. जगदीश भाटिया कहते हैं:

    राकेश जी,
    आपका ब्लाग देखकर बहुत अच्छा लगा।

  7. ruhi कहते हैं:


    Thank you for taking out the time to visit my blog. More importantly, for that post that helped me set up the bookmarklet.

    Our top posts indeed are the same, isnt it? Funny!!

  8. Desh कहते हैं:

    Hey Rakesh:

    Nice blog this one!! I like the layout and your articles.


  9. Suchi कहते हैं:

    Im from The Telegraph. im doing a story on Jharkhand bloggers and would like your contribution. Plz mail me at suchiarya@abpmail.com at the earliest.



  10. Sandeep Sen कहते हैं:

    Dear Rakesh,

    The song Tere Bin of Bas Ek Pal as bought me acroos to you n ur site.I was just searching for the lyrics of this haunting song.Good to know about u. Great page contents too . Be in touch.Best Wishes

    Sandeep Sen
    New Delhi

  11. Krunal Dave, from Ahmedabad कहते हैं:

    Dear Rakesh,

    I have started reading your blog since last three weeks and now, I have to use it everyday like a WEBSITE. I saw so many blog, but this is the one which has everything. I really enjoy your humor and other articles which is really prove that you’re very creative person.

    I inspired from your blog. In future, I would like to have blog-relationship with you like your other friends, It will be my honour to become a part of this unique blog.

    Thankyou very much.

  12. Manju sharma कहते हैं:

    Hello Rakesh,

    My kids wanted to know what Bhumihar Brahmin means and I searched on Google and this is a really great site I found. We are in US so this information is extremely valuable to us.

    Keep up the good work.

  13. lameese कहते हैं:

    hi rakesh dis is london calling,
    lol newayz, nice blog, all i cn say is u’ve gt a hell of alot of tym n commitment, 1 of a kind seriously so keep it it up bruvs. sfe!

  14. Sheokant Diwakar कहते हैं:

    great to see ur work,at least u thought to contribute some thing on bhumiyar bramahan.
    Nice to sse it.
    I am also from jharkhand,at presnt working in mumbai.

  15. merry कहते हैं:

    hey rakesh
    suppose tats your name ( duh )
    i was jus googlin fer a song’s lyrics
    an the first search result was urs
    like t work you got done here

  16. Rashmi कहते हैं:

    Hi Rakesh,

    I love this song…where frm in jharkhand…me frm jsr…

  17. Suresh कहते हैं:

    Hey there. I liked the post about Pritam, thanks for giving the URLs to all those Youtube videos.


  18. Mayuresh Trivedi कहते हैं:

    hi rakesh,
    This is Mayuresh from Ahmedabad,
    i am a s/w Eng. by profession, i came to your site while finding “Tujse naraj nahi Zindagi” whata cool song r8?
    it’s gr8 that you found your life partner,i am in search and message is “Searching String not found, try advanced search ……” , hahhaaa, just kidding yaar.

    by the way cool site and beautifully maintained…

    my god gives you all success in your life and to your wife…

    keep doing good dude…


    take care,


  19. monica कहते हैं:

    hi rak,

    i read rour blog its gud. u have shown diff.ways to celebrate life. wish u a hapy married life.and do search a bengalli guy for me.

    frm monica

  20. Dhananjay Sharma कहते हैं:

    Hi Rakesh,
    Looking into your Contribution for Bhumihar Brahmin it’s shows you are a excellent pesrson who keep his identity along with leading journey of work. I am mechanical engineer currently working in US.When i saw your work i come to know that like me in this world there are so many Bhumihar Brahmin who loves our great community of Brahmin.
    Dhananjay Sharma

  21. Gaurav Joshi कहते हैं:

    Hi Rakesh

    Visited your website while trying to lookup the lyrics for Maula Mere. Impressive and a very beautiful website. Really symbolizes a nomadic mind with its appearance.

  22. cavalli कहते हैं:

    pagine piuttosto informative, piacevoli =)

  23. Rajeev Chauhan कहते हैं:

    Hi Rakes,

    I am friend of ur borther Rajesh and he suggested me for ur site and I found it really very good.

    U have done very good job and my very good wishes to you and ur family!!!

    Best Regards

  24. Rakesh Chaudhary कहते हैं:

    Rakesh Bhai,

    I do not know whether our ways met at the IIT, but I did straggle there for two years … LTRC. I somehow get the feeling we have met.

    Good work either ways! Keep up the good work.

    Rakesh (Yeah!) Chaudhary.

  25. Bhiay कहते हैं:

    Hi Brother
    nice one

    Keep it up


  26. manjari कहते हैं:

    Hey ur blog is cool!!!! and the best part is i got the lyrics of song tere bin from ur blog

  27. Bhabani Sankar Mishra कहते हैं:

    Can you plz tell me is there a Brahmin gotra called Kaphalasya? My father saying it’s his gotra but didnt got any info about it when I googled. Does it exicts or my father is naming it wrongly?

  28. subhadip कहते हैं:

    hi rakesh…
    tnx for puttin up tat peterpan link….i’ve searching all over the net for it.

  29. rakesh कहते हैं:

    my marwadi hu

  30. Vijay कहते हैं:

    Good Blog Rakesh… marvellous.

    take care bye

  31. rakesh chauhan कहते हैं:

    i am a person who like all truth in this world .
    i dont know who is god if any one know about god please send me mail on my id rakesh_cs31@yahoo.com
    i any one is there who solve my knfusion about god please help me.

    rakesh kumau

    a software engg& now working with CDAC pune.

  32. fryfgsyrcbbj कहते हैं:

    he hehe rakesh
    pls sugest songs for grandparents

  33. Rahul (Amit) Janardan Rai कहते हैं:

    DEar Rakesh,
    I am also belonging to the same caste as Bhumihar . My father is a retired textile engineer from VJTI Matunga First Class.
    I am a second class engineer from VJTI.
    Please help us economically in finding LIC policies PF etc.
    Our contact numbers are :-

  34. Brihad कहते हैं:

    hy from where can i download this song
    i like it a lot
    but m not getting it
    plz rply

  35. diana कहते हैं:

    my name is diana from the philippines. i came across your site when i am trying to search for my friend online with name rakesh kumar gupta. is he same as you? are you my friend rakesh who work in dubai?

  36. rakesh कहते हैं:

    Hi Rakesh,

    I am Rakesh from Gujarat I am really interested in this domain rakesh.in In anyway you would like to sell it? Just tell me price.


  37. Rakesh कहते हैं:

    @rakesh: Sorry Buddy, I would like to keep this domain for a while.

  38. rakesh कहते हैं:

    ok buddy.. whenever you dont want to renew it.. do let me know


  39. Rakesh kumar कहते हैं:

    Rakesh ji namaste
    Iwish to god your long life

  40. Rakesh sahu कहते हैं:

    hi…….. rakesh will.u be my friend………….

    Rakesh sahu
    chhindwra M.P

  41. Rakesh kumar कहते हैं:

    Hi bhaiya aapne kya likha hai mai to aap ka phain ho gaya hu. kya ye sab aapne khud likha hai. i donot bilive this massage. ok bhaiya bye and take kare.

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