The Originals

I was surfing for bollywood and music plagiarism and found this site. Now it seems that most of my latest favorite songs are copied from somewhere or another.

Here is a list of some of the most popular once with link to video/audios of the original tracks.
Movie: Woh Lamhe
Track: Kyun Aaj Kal
Original: Tak Bishak (Peterpan)

Movie: Lage Raho Munnabhai
Track: Pal Pal Har Pal
Original: Cliff Richard’s “Theme for a dream”

Movie: Gangster
Song: Ya Ali
Original: Ya Ghali (Arabic, Guitara)

Movie: Kalyug
Track: Aadat
Original: Aadat (Jal, Atif)

Movie: Bluffmaster
Track: Bure Bure
Original: Boro Boro

Movie: Gangster
Track: Bheegi Bheegi
Original: Prithibi (Mohiner Ghoraguly)
odeo url for the song

One thing, I noticed that Pritam is universally abused as the biggest music thief ever and all tracks of his recent movies (Woh Lamhe, Gangster) are either blantantly taken off or highly inspired with tracks of other artists. Well, all I can say that I see another Anu Malik in making.

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14 Responses to The Originals

  1. Poorna Shashank कहते हैं:

    cant speak for all of them but for boro boro, the copyrights were purchased and only then put into the movie. for that matter, every song in bluffmaster has been recreated from an original hit only after purchasing the copyrights.

    as for aadat, that one too i think jal has been credited for aadat, not pritam… (but not too sure on this one)

  2. Rakesh कहते हैं:

    @Kopos: Yeah you are right. Thats the good part with Chopra/Johar/Sippy banners. If their song is a copy they either buy the rights for it .. or give proper credits.
    But its not the same when Pritam comes into picture.

  3. mythalez कहते हैं:

    plagiarism for one is inspiration for other 😀

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  5. sumanth कहते हैं:

    Looks like the only ‘ism’ Bollywood believes in is plagiarism. Ofcourse I copied it from the net 😉 !!

  6. otakusv कहते हैं:

    happy diwali!! for all to view his blog….

    from el salvador….

    the best wishes….. for a new year.

  7. Sreejith कहते हैं:

    looks like you went through many pains to collect this. Thanks.

  8. akanksha कहते हैं:

    heyy.. im impressed u managed to find all this. thanks so much for the info.. actually, im overwhelmed by this.. haha.. i only knew about ya ghali, boro boro and aadat till now. 🙂

  9. Manish कहते हैं:

    haan ye site achcha kaam kar rahi hai.
    Waise man dukhi ho jata hai ye jaankar ki aapka fav song copied hai.

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