Bhumihar- The Warrior Brahmins – I

[Disclaimer: The content of this and upcoming posts are collected over the web, and dont necessarily contain any standard information, its just my tribute to the caste to which I belong and doesnt try to create any impression of superiority or inferiority of one caste on another.]

Day: Basant Panchami

Occasion: Its Saraswati Pooja in my School
Scene: I am sitting on Pooja as Yajman with the Panditji [was a standard 6th student at that time].


“Om Vishnurvishnurvishnuhu, Adya Brahmano nhi Dwiteeyaparardhe Shrishwetawarahakalpe Vaiwaswatmanwantare shtawinshatitame Kaliyuge Kaliprathamcharane Jambudweepe Bharatkhande, Bharatvarshe Palojori Sthane Namsamwatsare rutau Mase Pakshe Tithau Dine Prataha Kale…”

Panditji: [to me] Yajmaan, gotra bataiye.

Me: Ji, mujhe nahi pata. Papaji mera gotra kya hai [Papa was watching this ceremony]

Papa: Vishnuvridhi

Panditji: thik hai .. and then he went on like

Vishnuvridhi Gotrotpannaha Sharma/Verma/Gupto aham, Shrutismrutipurana uktafal praptipoorvakam Shribhagwatpreetyartham cha Prataha (Madhyane,Sayam) Snanam Karishye”

Ashwakrante Rathkrante Vishnukante Wasundhare|
Mrittike ! Har Me PapamYanmaya Dushkritam Kritam||

Nandinee Nalini Sita Malati cha Mahapaga |
Vishnupadabjasambhuta Ganga Tripathgamini ||

Bhagirathi Bhogwati Janhawi Tridasheshwari |
Dwadshaitani Namani YatraYatra Jalashaye ||
Snanodyataha Smarennityam Tatra Tatra Vasamyaham ||

Later in the day I asked Papa, what is this Gotra. He explained me saying that we are Chitapavan Brahmins, having Vishnuvridhi Gotra and are commonly known as Bhumihar Brahmins or Babhans.

That was my first encounter with the word Bhumihaar, and it was like; so I am Bhumihaar, whats a big deal.

As the days went, I came to know more and more about this word. How at certain places its a matter of pride to say that you are a Bhumihaar yet the same time there are places where you shouldnt even disclose the fact that you are one.

I have seen quotes like “If you see a Bhumihaar and a Cobra, Kill the Bhumihaar first, Because they are more dangerous than Cobra” and also listened to the Slogans like “Bhura Baal Saf karo”, one of the most famous slogans of Laloo era, where Bhura Baal, stands for Bhumihar, Rajput, Brahmin and Lala (Kayasth).. Well that is politics, never cared more about it, but if you are a Bihari or a Jharkhandi, you can understand the importance of caste based based vote banks in politics.

Anyway, this is not what I am going to write about, in this post.

I know that I am a brahmin that is by definition I am “the one who has realised or attempts to realise Brahman” (ब�?रह�?म)”. But how can I attempt to realise the Brahaman when I dont know about Brahmin itself.

This curiousity to know the Brahmins, especially the Bhumihar brahmins has made me to search and explore the web for the detailed information, in the upcoming posts I will try to write whatever I have collected so far.


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  2. bihar कहते हैं:

    yet again, interesting. we are all one great people of mother india. stand united.

  3. Gautam Satpathy कहते हैं:

    Well begun. I wish you the best in your quest.

  4. shrinivash singh कहते हैं:

    hello, i m proud 2 b a bhumihar BHUMIHARS R THE BEST

  5. roshan ranjan pandey कहते हैं:

    i am roshan.i appreciate your research work on gotra of bhumihar brahmin.i am pursuing llb from bhu.your information relating to gotra of bhumihar is very much useful.i am also interested to know much more about my caste i.e bhumihar.please update your website.

  6. bihari कहते हैं:

    great description

  7. Om Prakash कहते हैं:

    I am BHUMIHAR and i have proud

  8. Om Prakash कहते हैं:

    I want to do a big special for ours community and i needs ours community youngesters manpower support
    who wants to work with me

  9. ajay कहते हैं:

    just let me know is there “bhargava” gotra in bhumihar brahmins ?

  10. sujit कहते हैं:

    oye gotra things r past. why u ppl dont understand – we r in globilization phase. one should leave behind gotra’s since it dont serve any purpose.
    why u ppl, blame others. we bhumihar r the root cause for our own destruction. when the weakness is within u stop blaming others.
    when india became independant, next generation still were in reviere thinking that they r zamindars. they lost golden opportunity to educate themselves and attain higher postion in the country.
    still in our house hold girls r treated shabbly. as soon as they r born, parents make them to acquire degrees for namesake which in reality is on a sand base. degree in arts…. Msc stuff in zoology etc…what purpose does it serve . only to show that my daughter is busy in education. when u go in outer world, no use of such degree like in IT field. one can take instance of south indian states where even lower statrem of society get into IT fields. leave alone boy, girsl too ….
    Past is past — one has to think about future. i hope so, present crop of generation redeem the lost glory by participating in the fast growing indian economy;

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  12. ranjit tyagi कहते हैं:

    bihari logo stupid banana kam karo kabhi tyagi kabhi bramhin
    kabhi pursuram kabhi jarashangh kabhi ramayan kabhi geeta
    kya natak hain jab hum logh bihar gaye to waha ke brahmano se pata chjal ki ki tum logh sirf bihar main hoon jab humlogone kaha ki brhman se bhumiar ke utpati hui to unhane thook diya hame byjeet kiya

  13. chetan कहते हैं:

    enlightendde men in history of india had been warriors and backwards but not brahmins

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