Rehna Tu..

Courtesy: DeviantArt

रहना तू है जैसा तू,
थोडा सा दर्द तू थोड़ा सुकून |

थोड़ा सा रेशम, तू हमदम, थोड़ा सा खुरदरा |
कभी दौड़ जाये या लड़ जा या खुशबू से भरा,
तुझे बदलना ना चाहूं , रत्ती भर भी सनम
बिना सजावट, मिलावट, ना ज्यादा ना ही कम

तुझे चाहूं, जैसा है तू
मुझे तेरी बारिश में भीगना, घुल जाना है
तुझे चाहूं, जैसा है तू
मुझे तेरी लपट में जलना राख हो जाना है

[This song from Delhi-6 is currenly ruling my heart. Thanks to Rehman and Prasoon Joshi, for creating such a masterpiece.]

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What is your mobile no ?

Kahani Ka Plot or the Plot of the story

A few days ago, my cellphone charger died. Without giving any prior indication or warning. On my cellphone I heard the last ringing bell when everybody was singing Jingle Bells.

I tried to dig up its casket and opened it carefully to see if I can recover its lost soul..But the wire snakes inside it de-motivated me to do so.I fixed it back and decided to use the formula no 2. Remember good old days, when your buggy tv used to rise and shine with two, not so light slaps, and that scooter that your dad owned.. all mechanics were losers in front of two solid left leg kicks..

Well, it seems that the formula was too Indian for a Chinese charger. I gave up the hope after one light slap and the charger gave up its life(whatever was remaining) after the second 😦

So time for a new charger ??

Well, I tried looking for one. But it wasn’t that easy. Especially when you are in Singapore and searching for the charger of a two year old model of a handset which is actually a chinese phone tailor made for an Indian company. This company is actually a small MNO (mobile network provider ) named Spice and mobile phones are its secondary business.

The model I am(was?) owning is spice s-800. Don’t ask me how I got this handset.  The manufactures brought it from China to Chandni Chowk. Then the distributor from Chandni Chowk to Giridih. And then my wife presented it to me, while I was sulking for the loss of my old phone.

Oh yeah, now you will ask me about the SIM card !!

OK, Good question again. The story goes like this, not that recently I used to own a different number. When I got this new number. I copied the contacts from my old SIM card to the phone. BUT just to save space for new numbers, didn’t copy them to my SIM. See how smart I am.

So you understand everything now. A few days back I used to have 205 contacts. Right Now I have five. Balance and Topup, Singtel Customer Helpline, Durby, TOTO and Horoscope.

Got it !! or shall I simplify it further.

I have lost the contact numbers of all my friends. If you know me, could you be kind enough to send back your number by any of the following means;

1. sms me on my no (that is  00 six five – nine one two zero two six nine 7)
2. email me me on kumar [dot] rakesh [at]

PS: The good news is that I have a new phone in the new year.

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Til Ka Taad..


Till Yesterday, Aaj Tak and several other news channels in India were predicting the LHC Experiment will cause the absolute destruction which will cause the “End Of The World”.

How bullshit, can any news be. Why can’t these news channels try to simplify the technical things and help the common man understand, what an important scientific experiment it is, like this game does.

People, in rural areas of India have actually panicked after hearing this news on news channel. Yesterday I got calls from my dad and my father in law, both saying that several people in their area have taken leaves and gone home to stay with their beloved ones, just in case if its the end of world, they can DIE together.

Isn’t there something called responsibility, which Indian news channels have forgotten about. And when the whole world is fighting against terrorism, what is this that these news channels are doing.

Spreading Terror, in disguise of a Breaking News.

Someone should sue these TV channels.

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It Rocks

Rock On

Rock On

Just came home after watching “Rock On”, and I must say it is indeed a rocking movie.

Music, Story & Acting; everything is top class and I think its probably the best movie of 2008 (When was TZP released?).

After DCH, I have sort of written off Farhan from my diary.. Thinking that probably he is only a one movie wonder. Main reason is DON, somehow even after all this hype and hoopla surrounding it, I found it very mediocre compared to the original DON. The other reason were “Rock On” songs, yeah the music is awesome.. but lyrics are very juvenile (except for one song) and Farhaan please accept the fact that you are not a good singer. BUT, watch the movie and you will realize (I did !), what a natural actor he is. Superb acting, much better than several seasoned actors of bollywood.

Ok, coming back to movie. The story is about four friends, which if you go back to your college days could be anyone of your friends, including yourself. Its about sharing a dream and passion and its about the age old compromises that we make to have a **promising career**. Its tells about shattered dreams and hard hitting realities yet at the same time its also encourages you to go chase your dreams with the inspiring words; that its never too late for anything in life.

The movie also, reminded me a lot of DCH. Especially when the three friends meet in the coffee house and wait for the fourth one to come,  very similar to hospital scene in DCH !

All actors have given terrific performances, including the newcomer Sakshi. But I think the find of the movie is Arjun Rampal. This is probably THE movie for him. I have never liked any of his characters so far as much as I liked his role in this movie. In the end of the movie, when he joins his band, he looks like a real rockstar. On a slightly different note his character is the lead guitarist and named as Joe something.. is it just a co-incidence !!

Anyway guitar reminds me of the music once again. Well as I said earlier.. the songs are nothing extra ordinary but within the movie they do become very special.. The tune that is played at the very beginning of the movie, sounds very much like that of “Riders of the Storm” and also in various songs the influence of several popular rock songs is very evident. Well ! Rock lovers please share your thoughts if you also felt the same. Kudos to Shankar Ehsaan and Loy for the magikal music.

Well ! There are hundreds of things that I can write for this movie right now . But its kind of late for me. So stopping here one last sentence.

Watch Rock On, if you haven’t seen it so far.

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Olympics !!!

Watching Opening Ceremony right now. The Indian team just marched ahead.

Commentators speak… ” India, A billion people strong country .. with just 57 participants, and no Hocky team for the first time in last 88 years”.

I guess without the Hockey Team, it might also be the smallest Indian team in Olympics in last 2-3 decades. With decreasing participation, how could we expect to win more medals !!

On a different and highly positive note:
In 2000 Olympics, We got a Bronze..
In 2004 Olympics, We got a Silver…

In 2008…., WE WON A GOLD

[Oh, How I wish so much to fill the above sentence with those Golden Words.]

Woh kahte hain na, If you want something very badly, then the whole world conspires you to achieve it.  Its true.

India wins its first individual Gold in Olympics: Thanks Abhinav Bindra

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One Day…

One Day Your Life Will Flash Before Your Eyes – Make Sure Its Worth Watching !

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Aur Sunao…

Two software engineer friends.. now distanced by time and place… communicate mainly on IM and occassionally on phone… with every coming day, each one of them starts getting busy in their own world, with lesser and lesser common topics to chat on…

One fine day they meet on gTalk, and here is their conversation…

SE1: “Dude! whats up !!”

SE2: “Oh, I am great, whats up with you ?”

SE1: “Yeah me too, doing good…”

SE1: “Kaam, waam sahi chal raha hai”

SE2: “Yeah, its good”

SE2: “And how is life”

SE1: “Never been better :)”

—this followes by a pause, both of the get back to there work for a few seconds            —

— hoping that other guy will write something, SE1 thinks to break the ice &                   —

— starts fiddling   with what to write… but is not able to think anything                         —

So he just starts typing: “Aur sunao…. ” only to see that IM window is already flashing with a new message from SE2, and it reads…..

SE2: “Aur Sunao, Kya chal raha hai…”

Isn’t it common to most of us.. It has become such a natural phenomenon, whenever we dont have anything to say, we just pass the ball to other court, and the standard question is almost everytime just a variant of “Aur sunao ?”

This “Aur sunao”, actually means that tell me something which I dont know about you or tell me something which I know about you but don’t want to ask.


  • How is your love-life?
  • Whats the name of your latest girl friend?
  • How was the last appraisal?
  • When are you planning to change your job?
  • When are you becoming a graduate?
  • When are you getting married?
  • How is the progress in your startup?

In short, lets catchup buddy and tell me how is life treating you?

So everyone out there, friends, classmates, seniors, juniors, visitors to this blog; whoever is reading this post:

“Aur sunao, kya chal raha hai ?”

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