Rehna Tu..

Courtesy: DeviantArt

रहना तू है जैसा तू,
थोडा सा दर्द तू थोड़ा सुकून |

थोड़ा सा रेशम, तू हमदम, थोड़ा सा खुरदरा |
कभी दौड़ जाये या लड़ जा या खुशबू से भरा,
तुझे बदलना ना चाहूं , रत्ती भर भी सनम
बिना सजावट, मिलावट, ना ज्यादा ना ही कम

तुझे चाहूं, जैसा है तू
मुझे तेरी बारिश में भीगना, घुल जाना है
तुझे चाहूं, जैसा है तू
मुझे तेरी लपट में जलना राख हो जाना है

[This song from Delhi-6 is currenly ruling my heart. Thanks to Rehman and Prasoon Joshi, for creating such a masterpiece.]


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5 Responses to Rehna Tu..

  1. Dwiti कहते हैं:

    truly brilliant song.. and amazing lyrics too…
    Rahman is a master, and so is Prasoon Joshi !!

  2. nitika कहते हैं:

    song is amazing but there is some corection wd lyrics:
    Thoda …….. Thoda sa khurdura
    Kabhi to ad jaaye, Ya lad …………….
    Tujhe ……………..
    Bina ……………….

    Tuhje Chaahoon, Jaisa hai tu;
    Mujhe teri baarish mein Bheegna, Ghul jaana hai
    Tuhje Chaahoon, Jaisa hai tu;
    Mujhe tere lapat mein jalna, Raakh ho jaana ha

  3. anoop_hsbc कहते हैं:

    lyrics is amazing so does the music …but he dual effect in combination takes it to a different zone. it almost take me in to trans when evr i listen. a masterpiece from a genius………….

  4. Rakesh yadav कहते हैं:


    M = A man of high caliber
    A = Admired by one and all
    H = Humbly served the poor
    A = Active he was upto
    T = truth was his life
    M = made India free , made in India
    A = Avoided personal comfort .

    G = Genius in all respect .
    A = Ahinsa he preached
    N = Noble were his thoughts
    D = Devote his life to nation
    H = Honest life he led through out.
    I = India he was in all respects.


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