Til Ka Taad..

Courtesy: CartoonStock.com

Till Yesterday, Aaj Tak and several other news channels in India were predicting the LHC Experiment will cause the absolute destruction which will cause the “End Of The World”.

How bullshit, can any news be. Why can’t these news channels try to simplify the technical things and help the common man understand, what an important scientific experiment it is, like this game does.

People, in rural areas of India have actually panicked after hearing this news on news channel. Yesterday I got calls from my dad and my father in law, both saying that several people in their area have taken leaves and gone home to stay with their beloved ones, just in case if its the end of world, they can DIE together.

Isn’t there something called responsibility, which Indian news channels have forgotten about. And when the whole world is fighting against terrorism, what is this that these news channels are doing.

Spreading Terror, in disguise of a Breaking News.

Someone should sue these TV channels.


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2 Responses to Til Ka Taad..

  1. pkj कहते हैं:

    “The term is commonly used in reference to the media. Critics of media bias of all political stripes often charge the media with engaging in sensationalism in their reporting and conduct. That is, the notion that media outlets often choose to report heavily on stories with shock value or attention-grabbing names or events, rather than reporting on more pressing issues to the general public.”

  2. Kunal कहते हैं:

    this is pathetic.. one of the biggest experiments in human history, and this is how media is perceiving it! the media should concentrate on the advancements that could occur if the experiment yields positive results, but than that would not sell… at the end of the day it is all about TRP… 😦

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