From Singapore…

For a long time now, I have been struggling to put together words and write down on this blog.  Many ideas came and just crossed my mind. A few settled for a while and resulted in a large pool of unfinished posts..  Not sure when will I be able to finish them, but will surely try to do that soon.

Thought of sharing my first experience of Singapore through this post, but finding out that there isn’t much to share. I haven’t done a proper sight seeing here, as I want to do it in leisure when my better half joins me; which is a good one month far from now. Yet, I have managed to visit some of the local attractions:

  • Little India– As the name says, a little India outside India (Went there to find out the Aate Daal Ka Bhaav 🙂 )
  • China Town -The Chinese equivalent of Little India  (Its at a stone’s throw from my office)
  • Orchard: Most happening place of Singapore (Went to meet a good old friend)
  • Harbour front: A great view to the Sea Front()

The other experiences have been good so far. The workplace, work and folks here, are all good  and I have kind of started liking the environment from the very first week. Hope this likeliness  keeps growing with every coming day.
The best thing is that, I haven’t got a big culture shock like the way I was thinking. With so many Indians in office, I rarely feel I am in a different country. The situation changes drastically when we come out of office, and esepcially when we are going out to eat something. Near office its okay, as we are able to find Indian food easily. There is this Panjabi Aunty, she has been our savior so far (Her foods remind me of the Nihal and Needs of Hyderabad, though here the food is much tasty than that). But other places its tough. I am still struggling to differentiate between the various cuisines, Thai, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Malay, I never knew Asia has so many varities. And the worst part is, except Malay cuisine they all look similar. Also the concept of non veg is very diffent here, Beef and Porque are served almost everywhere and the so called veg food is not easily available.

Almost for every meal my conversation goes like this:

Do you serve Vegitarian food?




Ok Chicken !

–Hmm.. lets see what we have.

So I have been eating Chicken or Egg almost everyday.

Talk about food and I remember another incident here. It was my first day in office and the whole team had gone for the lunch, together. After usual chit chats, someone just coined this question: Whats the weirdest thing you have ate ? Now, while I was thinking about some bird that we hunted in childhood, a chinese teammates started encountering his incident. And his list was like

a. crocodile b. snake c. tortoise d. Frog  e. Dog f. some sort of insect

and I was like what !! how can anyone eat a dog :((

Another good thing is that I am back to reading. There is this bookstall nextdoor which sells the old novels at dirt cheap rates. 3 books for 10 SGD. I never found books that cheap in Hyderabad ! Bought three of them this friday, finished Airframe in a day, the others to go are Blink, As the Crow Flies and Xenocide.

Well besides everything, I miss Hyderabad a lot, my previous company friends, college friends, IIIT and ofcourse I miss my family members. Wish to visit hyderabad soon. Lets see when this wish materializes.


About Rakesh

Hi, This is Rakesh, welcome to my web-log.
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6 Responses to From Singapore…

  1. pavan कहते हैं:

    hi rakesh,

    You left oracle? n joined some comp in singapore or went through oracle ??


  2. skp कहते हैं:

    Great to read you are all settled ….

    so shall we start this weekend for visiting you … 😀

  3. Sangfroid कहते हैं:

    Good going bro … 3 for 300 is gr8!

    btw, what is the weirdest thing u have eaten ? 😉

  4. Kunal कहते हैं:

    good to know that you settled… yaar kabhi chat par aao… jab dekho ya to idle rahta hain, ya offline…

  5. Rakesh कहते हैं:

    yeah left oracle..
    and joined affle..
    thanks to my seniors referral

    wow that rhymes 🙂

    @Skp: well.. staying as a pg for the time being.. will move in a flat on 1st june.. and after that you all are welcome & requested to make a

    @Sangfroid: Yup.. planning to buy another set of three in this weekend..
    my weirdest thing… it was this migrating bird that we hunted in our village.. donno the name of the bird but it had a red head and gray body… it tasted more or less like a chicken only 🙂

    @Kunal: dude I am always online.. check for me between 11 am and 6 pm (singapore time 🙂 )

  6. manjari कहते हैं:

    u see Nagas in India consider Dog meat as a delicacy…a frnd of mine from army recounted an incident. When they were on a war game in the deserts a village mukhiya came to them and said ‘sab badhiya hai saab ji bas samajh nahin aa raha ki gaon ke kutte kahan gaye..’ offcourse the naga regiment cooks felt their due entitlement 🙂 cheers

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