One Hell of An Experience…

The first month of the new year is close to its end now.. and no new post from me… while friends like Utkarsh and Paresh are still furious that I didn’t write the promised post on Goa Trip and Love Letters… other friends keep reminding me of the good old blogging days

Well… Let me start the first actual post of this year by telling you an incident… which I feel atleast(50%) of the Indian youth have witnessed in some form or other.. in process of their growing up… about the first experience… of seeing the first … X rated Movie (where x begins with 2)

Some time(not very long though) ago, I was doing intermediate from a college named SP College(Dumka, Jharkhand). I used to stay in a rented house. This house had two rooms. In one, me along with my friend(Rajiv) and my elder brother used to stay and in other the landlord.

Although its a small house it has a big surrounding boundary and a main, half tin half iron gate, at the front. The gate was very noisy and used to tell us well in advance whenever someone tried to open it.
The landlord was a couple of years older than us and had just got married. Because of some tradition in his native place his wife hasn’t joined him yet and she was expected to be there in a couple of months.

Now, this incident took place on a day when my brother was off to the home to play some cricket match. We were getting bored so we asked the landlord to show us his marriage video. ( The actual motive was to see the Bollywood movies which he was supposed to bring along with his marriage video cassette).

The landlord wasn’t fully settled and still staying as a student only. Which means, he didn’t have a television or a video cassette player. So he went out to arrange these things. While we stayed and made arrangement for the food.

In the evening he came with the TV set and the VCP and kept these in our room only as it was more spacious then the other room. After an early dinner, we started watching the movies. At first his marriage Cassette and later two Bollywood flicks. It was a winter night and getting colder every minute. There were 2-3 more cassettes left but as it was already close to 1 am, we decided to go to the bed and soon fell asleep.

I think it might not have been more than 1-2 hrs of my sleep, when I felt that something is happening in the room. I popped my head out of the quilt and with half open eyes saw that the TV is still on and the landlord was watching something on it. The TV screen was not completely visible to me as he had kept a Machiya ( a hand woven stool) in front of it. But still I was able to see a couple of blond girls doing something. I couldn’t see more and again fell asleep.

Next morning.The landlord has gone out to take some breakfast. Me and Rajeev were awake. I was chatting with Rajiv and discussing about the movies that we saw in the previous night.

Suddenly, Rajiv says: Rakesh, by any chance did you wake up in the night?

I said: Yes!

and suddenly both of us said: “Did you saw that?”

Immediately we came to this mutual agreement that lets see what we didn’t see completely last night. We plugged in the cassette and started watching it. I don’t remember the name of the movie but it was something like “beautiful nights”. It was the first x-rated movie for both of us and I still remember how we felt. Totally focused on the tv screen… heart beating rapidly… sweating (in the month of January)…

Now, let me tell you about the electric wiring of this house. As all of us were students and landlord also hasn’t completely settled in there, there was no proper electric connection in the house. Behind the house boundary, amidst dense trees there was an electric pole. As no one ever kept an eye on that. We had pulled an wire from that very pole and provided our own custom made earthing to complete the connection.

Inside the home it was something like a local area wiring, each one of us had our own wiring(for lights and fan). There was a central plug for common utility equipments like electric iron and TV.

Now with the above description I dont need to stress much on the sensitivity of this wiring. Every now and then it used to happen that with a simple flick here or there, make some of these wires go haywire, resulting in the complete blackout of the home electricity.

Now it so happened, that while we were watching this movie. Suddenly the landlord arrived on the main gate. In the shock and the fear of this surprising arrival of our landlord. We tried to switch off the VCP in the haste and suddenly something happened, some connection got loose somewhere and the power went off. Seeing this, Rajiv panicked, jumped to his bed and covered himself under the quilt, pretending to be fast asleep.

So, while the landlord was fast approaching towards our door. Here I was, with the cover of a blue film in my hand, the cassette trapped in the VCP and my partner in crime is sleeping soundly like an innocent child @#^#&@*#&()..

Realising that I have only a couple of second to save myself. I started looking at the wiring. Thankfully I immediately noticed the loose connection. In haste, I tried connecting the wire from one hand and as soon as the VCP came back in life, I pushed the eject button. The landlord was on the doors now. I frantically searched for the other movie cassettes, got one. Pulled this cassette out of VCP and the landlord entered.

Landlord is in the room. Power went off again. I have two cassettes in the hand. One without any label(the x-rated one) and other some bollywood movie. My face is white of the fear and I am sweating.

I think either the landlord didn’t get the whole picture or he pretended to be ignorant Either way, he just asked me what am I doing? and I said.. I was looking for this bollywood movie. Wasnt able to see it completely last night. He just said ok watch it soon as I have to return it today only and he left.

Feeling relieved, I kept all the movie casettes back to the self and sweared to myself that I will never watch such movies again (A promise which I couldn’t keep for very long, thanks to IIIT and DVD)


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10 Responses to One Hell of An Experience…

  1. Ankit कहते हैं:

    he he he … !! narrow escape … !!

    ppl usually do that .. when they catch someone in such condition … prefer to ignore . !!

  2. pkj कहते हैं:

    *smirking* i have quite vivid memories of my first X-perience.

    i guess ur landlord could not say anything to you since it would have jeopardized him as well.

    Thanks for the link to me and the link to the post abt play. Btw, the fest got coverage by a couple of IIIT bloggers.

  3. nipun कहते हैं:

    hey hey …
    good thing you did’nt get caught … otherwise all you could have done was either stammered smthing and run off ot socked him hard 😛

  4. smr कहते हैं:

    ha ha. awesome.
    dont remember mine.
    but yea.. many thanks to DVD and _.

    reminds me of one incident at hostel.
    we use to borrow vcp from teacher to watch movies. once we found a bf cassette in that. and it was from lady teacher. we never returned and she could never ask. after couple of months she overheard a few guys talking abt it and started shouting on them.

  5. Himank कहते हैं:

    This was some experience… 😛 I remember my first time we rented tv n cd player at a friends house whose parents used to live in his village while he with his younger brother used to live in city.. His brother was always forced to sleep early for such affairs… 🙂 Though I Couldnt have more of such experience as we moved away from the place soon enough after the incident..

  6. Kunal कहते हैं:

    finally you wrote it 🙂

    lucky escape dude …. 😀

  7. mythalez कहते हैं:

    lol .. am sure the landlord must have been suspicious .. but ignored it … 😛 .. he was more at ‘fault’ than u guys

  8. sanyam कहते हैं:

    he he .. u shud hv got up in the night and ask the landlord what the hell is he watching :p

    n the end sounded like American Pie’ish

  9. Rakesh कहते हैं:

    @Ankit: Yup..
    @PKJ: Welcome
    @Nipun: :).
    @SMR: interesting …
    @Himank: 🙂
    @Kunal: Yeah Yeah.. finally I wrote somthing
    @Mythalez: yeah.. maybe thats why he didnt say anything
    @Sam: well its an Indian Pie 🙂

  10. aniket कहते हैं:

    Nice experience. It all seems so trivial now, but watching a bf used to be such a HUGE deal when we were younger… 😛

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