Mobile Memoirs

My mobile life started in 2004, when I bought my first handset, Nokia 3115. Initially it was more for style (Yup ! There was a time when even a b&w handset was cool, especially when your friends are in possession of handsets of the size of a brick… ) than the actual need. Later this style statement changed into an obsession and then into a mere necessity. Now the situation is I desperately want to have a mobile free day, but I cant 😦

My early mobile journey was mostly done under the Nokia’s umbrella ( I had 3115, 1700, 1600, 2600), but the need for a slicker mobile took me to Motorola’s door and currently I own a RAZR. I also own a LG CDMA phone, but thats mainly to take advantage of some of the cool plans that Reliance keeps offering, once in a while.

My mobiles have been life savior at many occasions especially when I have to keep in touch with the loved ones . But this post is not about how these mobiles have been useful to me but about something very different. My adventures with my mobile.

My mobiles must be having some strong bondings with me. Otherwise its unbelievable to know that in last four months, I have almost lost them three times and all these times they have come back to me, unharmed ***Touch Wood***

The first incident:

This incident occurred in August with my RAZR. Me and Seema (my wife) were gone for a trip to Kodaikanal. Our return journey was via Chennai. At Chennai Airport while waiting for the flight, I made a call to my parents. They wanted to talk to Seema so I passed the phone to her. Once the call finished she passed the phone back to me. I was engrossed in a magazine and didn’t put my phone in my pocket but kept it in my lap. Soon they announced for the boarding and in the hurry I completely forgot about the phone.

Later in the aeroplane, when they asked to switch off the phone, I realized that I dont have my phone with me. A quick backtrack made me realize that I might have left it, at the airport itself. The plane hasn’t taken off, I immediately made a call to my phone (using Seema’s cell) and there was this security man to greet me at the other end. I talked to flight attendants about this and told me there is no need to worry, I just need to give a written report and I will get my phone back in the next flight. I did so and indeed my phone reached Hyderabad with the next flight.

The Second Incident:

This incident occurred with my LG handset. Last month Me and my friends were gone to see this movie “Om Shanti Om” in the Hitech Theatre. It was the last show of the day. During the show, I got a call from home. As I quickly finished my conversation, someone passed me the popcorn bag. Once again, I kept the phone in my lap, took the popcorn bag and started watching the movie. Movie ended and we left the theater. I didn’t realize that I have lost the phone. When we reached home. I searched for this phone and didn’t find it.

Immediately I made a call to this number and someone picked from the other end. The person at the other end was a good fellow as he said that he will return the mobile to me but he was not a very good fellow because he wanted some money for it… after some quick negotiation we finalized the deal in 500 RS… It was late in the night, he asked me to meet next morning.

Next morning, when I met this guy.. I found that it was not one guy but there were three of them… Students.. First Year.. NIFT… Guess what ? They needed money to spend on cigarettes 🙂 …

Anyway, I was happy that I got my phone back.

Third Incident:

This incident occurred today with my RAZR, and is a main inspiration for this post.

We had gone out for lunch. While coming back, I was riding pillion and my friend was driving the bike. My mobile was in my jeans pocket..

We were near Cyber Gateway when I got a call from someone.. While I was taking it out from my pocket it slipped from my hand and fell on the road… We were at a good speed. The mobile collided with road and broke open into three parts…. battery and battery cover one side .. and the remaining handset another side…

It was a busy road.. and even when we have immediately stopped.. and I had frantically started looking for the various pieces… in front of my eyes, three cars zoomed over my phone pieces… but thankfully, without touching it… somehow I managed to collect and put together all three pieces.. and guess what it was back to its normal state and working like a charm. No harm done 🙂

Now, as my mobiles have been so faithful to me I think I should also be a little more responsible towards them. Who knows I might not be that lucky for a fourth time.


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8 Responses to Mobile Memoirs

  1. paresh कहते हैं:

    Reminds me of my mobile story – sat on it, broke it 😛

  2. mythalez कहते हैं:

    hope u are not 4th time unlucky .. but always mobile lucky 😉

  3. Sreejith कहते हैं:

    “when your friends are in possession of handsets of the size of a brick” khare!! 😛

    i hate phones

  4. Rakesh कहते हैं:

    @Paresh: Lolz..
    @mythalez: Hope so ..
    @Sreejith: Yup.. Khare only.. though Vidit also used to have the same handset…

  5. skp कहते हैं:

    Lucky really lucky …..

    I would never ask for money “for cigarettes” that way ….
    too faithful to hobbies B-)

    @Paresh : ROFL MAO

  6. Kunal कहते हैं:

    I just spent two days without cellphone.. it was sheer bliss for me.. but all people who tried to contact me had gone bonkers 😀

    best of the lot was Parry’s story 😛

  7. mashedmusings कहते हैं:

    The third was the best…i too lost my mobile while I was hanging from the door of a blueline when someone just slipped it out of my pocket. It was not as faithful as urs….never came back. 😦

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