Mediocre against Masters

Everywhere around us, we see a general pattern. The presence of masters, who dominate it in a particular field, be it studies, sports, job, relationships. They set the standards in their area of expertise, others just aspire to become like them.

Now, we have only two options when we are facing such guys, 1: Get inspired by them 2: Hate them and try all your might and tactics to pull them down in the drain…

While we know that most of the guys follow the route-1 there are a hell lot of them who fell in this second category, who hardly digest any form of excellence and always try to find some fault or another in it.

Those of you, who have read Fountainhead (which deals this topic in detail) may correlate it better with the example of an perfectionist and master of his art, Howard Roark and Ellisworth Toohey, the messiah of mediocres.

Ellisworth Toohey in the entire novel, does nothing but misguide the masses using his newspaper against the shear brilliance of Howard Roark.

Now, I saw a classic example of a similar situation in Zee News yesterday. Here the zee news reports were doing the Toohey for our cricketing Howard Roark, Sachin Tendulkar.

The reporters of ZEE TV came with this catchy report called “Slow Sachin”, where they were trying to take the stats of last 3 matches of India and trying to say that Sachin has slowed down.

Initially I did agree with them for the fact that Sachin has indeed played little slower in last three matches and there intention looked fair enough. But very soon the report start taking an ugly direction where they started coming up with theories cooked up in their nasty mind, with the statments like

  • Sachin can not play fast bowlers.
  • Sachin plays only for records. He stayed in the ground just to complete his 50 so that he can make another world record of highest half centuries.
  • Sachin can not complete a century he always gets out close to it.
  • Sachin always throws away his wickets.

To support their theories and take public opinion they talked to exactly 2 people and deduced that the Indian public also thinks that Sachin has lost it.

I usually stay away from the abuses, but I would like to say a big FUCK YOU to all such reporters out there.

The thing is when you don’t have the qualifications and credibility to comment on something, better don’t do it. To all you suckers saying, slow Sachin, I think you forgot the very first lesson that was taught to you in the English class that Slow and Steady wins the race and yeah he did help India win yesterday’s game.

The second thing is if you are commenting on Cricket, spend some time knowing it. What is the basic difference between the various forms of the game. A ODI is not an Tweny overs, you have to play for 50 overs, so someone will have to stay there guarding the wickets. Thats the very same reason that even though a max of 36 runs can be scored in every over we hardly see any team crossing a 400 mark.

For the second point I would like to say that saying an statement is very easy but making an statement is very difficult. Sachin has made an statement in his game. Its just not that he has made records, it is the fact that he has played that well, which has resulted in the form of world records. You pessimists… the glass is half filled, u see.

Though I didn’t want to comment on the third point for the very reason that how bullshit can someone’s argument be. F**k U.. Who gives a damn that he has made a century or not.. I think Sachin himself will be more happy, if he scores a beautiful 99 and helps India win…

Now for the last point, I remember Kapil Dev, in a news interview sometime back (during T20 series), where he got angry on one such remark for Dhoni, where they said that Dhoni has thrown away his wicket (dont remember which match it was, Dhoni was declared run out in that). Kapil said one thing which was like, “Don’t write off someone for his mistake but see what he intended to do”. Yes, its the noble intention that makes these players stand tall in a crowd and its the very same noble intention, that you cheap people wont ever understand, because its such an rare thing, especially in your case.

People like Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar are a jewel in India’s crown. After 1983 cricket world cup the second best thing that happened to Indian cricket is Sachin Tendulkar. For me and many people like me, he has been the major reason behind watching Cricket.

Sachin is surely getting old but he has still loads of cricket left in him and one thing I know for sure that the day he feels that he is losing his touch, he wont hesitate a second before declaring his retirement. I just wish that, that day doesnt come in near future.

Now, before I finish this post. I have just one thing to request to all of you reporters out there. Go and watch Spiderman and try to understand that with great power comes great responsibility and from now onward, just try to be a little more responsible towards your remarks.


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14 Responses to Mediocre against Masters

  1. utkarsh कहते हैं:

    Totally with you on this .. the only reason i dont watch news after india’s defeat is that they go over board in trying to find out the faults in players.
    There is a limit to which a human can stretch himself, and Sachin has stretched himself far beyond that limit .. and yet .. the stupid news channel guys come up with the utterly nonsense program called “match ka mujrim” after every match ..
    If you need a reason to commit suicide .. you have one in that program ..
    all i ask is .. If sachin didntt play so well .. what happened to the rest 10 guys in the team. Unless we want the team to go back to the days of “One man team” .. what we have at present is a great combo.
    I like his attitude on the field .. When people all over india were going buhu over his batting .. one Australian wrote a column where he said that with yesterday’s innings sachin has once again shown why he is up there with the best in the game .. even in trying conditions .. we didnt throw away his wicket .. which is more than what we can say about others in the team .. !!
    damn .. why do I get so excited about Sachin 🙂

  2. Sreejith कहते हैं:

    everyone needs a scapegoat and the media needs programming. They forget that as broadcasters they have a moral obligation to screen content. Of course when India wins then all this is forgotten and they change viewpoints like a chameleon changes colors!

    but we still have the remote in our hands….

  3. davekrunal46 कहते हैं:

    Most aggresive expression against indian reporter ever read.

    Now, The another things is, Media at one time was medium for the people to know what is going on. But since last two year it has become a BUSINESS. Everyday they are looking for unnecessary issues which obiviously doesn’t make any sense; if they don’t found issues they create them. And I have obeserved that 100% of issues have made very temporary impact, who knows and rememers this programs everyday, the reason is simple they are creating it intentioinally.

    As far as Sachin Tendulkar is concerned, media has already made him target, even they are not concerning about indian team instead how he played. The bottom line is simple, Media is making enormous money with the help of NON-SENSE issues where our great bastman become target.

    Rakesh, I appreciate you.

  4. Kunal कहते हैं:

    Rakesh, this was brilliant. I agree with each and every word that you have written.
    For the media SRT is the perfect scapegoat. A guy who has been shouldering the responsibility of the entire Indian Team for almost 15 years now, who rarely has had any support structure around him and has hence not won any major tournaments, and to top it off, he is a quiet guy who would never come ahead and defend himself. He always intends to make a statement on the field, and even if he fails in one match the media has a hay-day.
    Stop watching TV reports, and concentrate on Cricinfo reports. They are way way better.

  5. Rakesh कहते हैं:

    @Utkarsh: Indeed ! a cricket team includes 11 players.. one particular player can just make a difference.. but he cant be the team himself.
    @Krunal: Thanks
    @Sreejith: Well said..
    @Kunal: Thats what I gonna do from now on .. cricinfo rocks.

  6. kiran कहते हैं:

    those guys who are called as cricket critics they are not in the field they are watching from the stands.They dont understand wats going on in the field they try intrepet things according to their own language and try to preach that one to everyone..

  7. skp कहते हैं:

    …. you spoke for the heart of a million ppl there rocky !!
    gg dude

    I hate Money-making-not-knowing-what-they-are-doing-sons-of-bitches !!

  8. mythalez कहते हैं:

    yep .. i totally agree with u
    the news channels now are out there to create ‘news’ rather than report it … starting with fake sting operations to such stinging unfair comments abt sachin .. they are ‘sensationalisers’ rather than reporters … sadly

  9. Karan कहते हैं:

    Need less to mention, we’re all with you. Sachin is some one whom we all adore, and will probably stop watching cricket once he goes.
    The media needs to be more sane and stop going overboard.

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  11. Gani कहते हैं:

    Very nice …….The way u analyzed is quite good….
    Keep going……….It would be a great slap fr all the critics……….

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