Shadows of Terror…

25th August, 2007, Hyderabad:

Yet another Saturday for me. Went out with my wife, for a lunch followed by a movie. Later in the afternoon we went to a friend’s place, to meet his family. The cell phone battery was at its low.

It was around 8 PM in the evening, my wife was talking to her Dad on the same phone (she left her phone at residence itself) and the battery drained off, cutting the conversation to an abrupt end.

While it was just another weekend for me it was not at all just another Saturday for Hyderabad. For it will remain there as a dark mark… on the history of terrorism of Hyderabad as they had got their own 9/11 on 8/25. 25th August 2007, two bombs exploded one by one, killing more than 40 people and painting the Hyderabad red with the bloods of its own civilians.

Its 8 PM now: My dad switches on the TV and as usual moves to his favorite channel, Aaj Tak.

“Breaking News”. Bomb blast in Hyderabad. One in Lumbini Park and other in Gokul Chat.

[Flashback: The previous week, Mom and Dad were here and we all had gone to Lumbini park. During the conversation I had told them this is a common hangout place for all Hyderabadis and I too come here quiet regularly. ]

Dad, recalling this.. immediately tries to call me .. and finds that my cell is switched off.. he calls on home land-line number.. but no one is there to lift the phone.. next call on Seema’s(My wife) number but this as well keeps on ringing …

Suddenly a thought comes and everyone gets panicked… “Did they go to Lumbini Park?? ” After all its the most popular hangout place in Hyderabad ?

The tension was mounting… Mom was desperate to get any news of us… They tried calling another friend of mine.. Maddy… but got no response… as he was watching movie and had his cell phone was switched off…

The message spread… and the list of concerned people kept on increasing with every minute… My bro tried contacting me … Jijaji called and then left SMS to me and Maddy … Seema’s parents tried calling .. her brother… relatives… my cousins… friends

The minutes turned into hour… people were consistently trying to reach us..

All this while, I was having a whale of a time at my friends place.. having a nicely made dinner and watching “Indian Idol”, totally clueless about the mishap in the city..

Around 10 PM..

We finally came back to home.. and then came the calls… not just one’s or two’s but in tens … Got thrashing from Parents for being so careless about the battery… got advice from inlaws to be careful from now onwards.. talked heartily with friends…

Felt bad that all this while I was having this delicious dinner, none of my parents had anything nor anyone else in the family.

Felt good that there are so many people who care for me..

Felt very bad about the incident…

Felt terrorized… What if !!

Felt angry for this terrorist organizations. Killing innocent people for no reason..

Felt hurt.

PS1: Long due post..

PS2: Why didn’t anyone write about the bomb blasts !

PS3: A friend of mine missed the blasts because of the heavy weekend traffic… they were going to Lumbini Park but the car was slowed down because of the traffic.. They were some 200 mts behind, when the tragedy occurred.

PS4: Hyderabad is becoming the prime target for Terrorists… Mecca Maszid blasts… These Twin Blasts.. and discovery of bombs at several other places… The 90% of the remaining smuggled RDX is still moving around the city… Also, don’t remember the source of news but read somewhere that a dozen of terrorists are working in Hitech city itself disguised as software engineers..

PS5: a proper post dedicated to Fight against terrorism is due.. wish to post it soon

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8 Responses to Shadows of Terror…

  1. Sreejith कहते हैं:

    its sad but i am glad that all of you were fine. especially because gokul chat on a weekend would definitely have had a few IIITians.

  2. Aniket कहते हैं:

    Sreejith is right. We all at IIIT felt the same after the blasts. WE could have been the victims!
    Waiting for your post on the fight against terrorism.

  3. Karan कहते हैं:

    Unfortunately, the terrorists have achieved what they set out to.. to scare people outta their wits

  4. Ankit कहते हैं:

    one of my relative … witnessed it…
    the description he gave …. haunted me for two nights … !!

  5. Kunal कहते हैं:

    the only reason I did not write about it was the reason why you wrote this so late – it is still too damn painful … maybe that is the reason most people did not write about it …

  6. nipun कहते हैं:

    sad day for hyderabad indeed….
    and you know what, most people are just going to moan and bitch about it and then forget it. We’re gonna forget it and carry on without joining any forum for getting things done.

  7. pein कहते हैं:

    the bomb blasts and no-response-to-the-calls must have sent the panic signals.Evreryone must have been really tense about you guys.

    these terrorists are mad monkeys, they don’t know what they are doing, and they quote a set of ideals to justify their cause.

  8. bharat कहते हैं:

    Hi Rakesh,
    Sorry for hr’bad bomb blasts. I am new for you I was looking a lyric “DIL DIL of munna bhai…..than I found your site. Really I appreciated for this beautiful site & your efforts
    Regarding this blast I can understand your dad’s feeling these days I am in London that day my close friend was in Hyderabad. i have seen this news on ajj tak channel. So I was so worried about him & his cell battery also drained off I was tried many times. Next day when he called me than” jaan mai jaan ayi”. Really it’s very difficult to explain…….
    one more thing! should i download song also & how. if possible can you mail me
    Again nice works keep it up.

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