Nice Number

Kopos wrote his post , just in time to remind me to find my “nice number” 🙂


So what’s your “Nice Number” ??

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Hi, This is Rakesh, welcome to my web-log.
यह प्रविष्टि Random Ramblings में पोस्ट की गई थी। बुकमार्क करें पर्मालिंक

10 Responses to Nice Number

  1. Kunal कहते हैं:

    you must have been checking your blog every 2 minutes to catch that number… eh? btw does double nelson just before world cup signify something? 😛

  2. Poorna Shashank कहते हैं:

    how about making a “nice number” meme to let people add a post “nice number” to their blog and keep running this meme? that shud be great fun!

  3. Rakesh कहते हैं:

    @Kunal: Never thought abt that ?
    @Kopos: I had exactly the same thing in my mind 🙂

  4. mythalez कहते हैं:

    I dont have statistics of number of visitors .. no nice numbers for me .. :((

  5. KUNAAL कहते हैं:

    hi nitin,
    thanks for the lyrics. I was searching them everywhere. You made my day. Thanks.

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