Terror in the neighbourhood.

It seems there is a bomb threat in my neighbouring company ‘CSC’ inside Raheja Mindspace Hyderabad. People vacating the building in a hurry, security guards all around, Sniffer dogs and all.

and we in the next building are totally clueless about this all… Hope its just an hoax

*Update-1*: Talked to my friend just now, it seems they have already found a bomb, and the search is still going on. Going out to find out more, will update the blog later.

*Update-2*: Went out to see the actual scene, scared people, all in a hurry to leave the place as soon as possible. There was a huge crowd outside csc campus. The building is already deserted, guards are not allowing anyone to come inside the building. For RMS also, the CSC employees are not allowed to come in as of now.

*Update-3*: Press has come to the scene, no one confirms the finding of the bomb. While in other companies in RMS (like mine), its business as usual. Time for work now, will catch the news in the newspaper.

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9 Responses to Terror in the neighbourhood.

  1. Ragz कहते हैं:

    mera company mein bomb milgaya 😦

  2. Asheesh कहते हैं:

    Rocky sach sach bata ..yeh bomb tune hi rakha tha na 😀

  3. Hiren Shah कहते हैं:

    Now, they are targetting the corporate world. Sad.

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