Superstitions, How they spread

Circa 1900 AD, a village somewhere in India…

A house lady was very frustrated with the house kitten, everyday it used to drink the milk and not only milk, whenever the kitten got the chance it used to bite all the things in the kitchen, within its reach.

Once there was a marriage in the family… the lady thought that it wont be good, if the invitees gets to know that the kitten has tasted the food … it wont leave a good impression on them… she thought its better to tie the kitten… as she was busy.. and only her son, the bridegroom; was around .. she asked her to catch the kiten and tie it … while the bridegroom was trying to catch it, some people saw him and asked whats it that he is doing .. to avoid explaining the real reason.. the bridegroom told them that its a custome in their society….

Time changes …its 21st century now … and another village somewhere in India… A Baraat, is about to start for the bride’s place… everyone is ready to go .. but the groom is nowhere to be seen…

someone asks… why is this delay?

someone responds… the groom has gone to catch a Cat.. its a custom in our society…

[PS: Based on true rumors]

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7 Responses to Superstitions, How they spread

  1. Karan कहते हैं:

    amazin.. unfortunately it happens vid every superstition

  2. bachodi कहते हैं:

    very very true…
    people don’t think..

  3. Vivek कहते हैं:

    true rumour….hmmm…as in..a definite maybe 🙂

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