Bike Trip – To Ananthagiri Forests

27th Jan, its 7 am in in the morning, I am suffering from cold n fever, have gone to bed at 3:30 in the night, Majj wakes me up and asks to go out for a bike trip.

Should I ? In this condition !! Probably no, but its a Bike Trip which I dont want to miss. I think for a moment and try to answer him and the next thing I notice is that my throat is completely chocked with cough. Grrr, whatever happens, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

And some where, from deep down the throat comes a murmering response “Yes ! I am going.”

Now the next and the biggest task was to wake everyone else up. After successfully waking up (almost) everyone from my room, me and Majj went to Jaya’s place and there I found him sleeping soundly. The evil mind of mine and Majj couldnt accept this fact and with cumilative pestering we managed him to first come out of bed and later to come along for the trip.

11:30 Am: The rest of the gang joined us at Jaya’s place and immediately we started off for the Ananthgiri Forrest.

First thing first, no one knew the exact details about the place. At Jaya’s place I searched for Ananthgiri Hills (not Forrest) and found that its 40km from Vizag.. but later Kunal clarified that Ananthgiri Forrest and Hills are two separate entities.

The first hiccup came when we left the boundaries of Hyderabad… on one road, we were told to go straight and said that it will lead to Chilkur Balaji Temple.. after driving for 10 Kms or so … I realised that probably its not the correct road … I asked Majj who was in the next bike to us and then we asked the nearby shop keepers only to find out that.. we have taken a wrong turn somewhere … well.. realising our mistakes … we took the new road to Chilkur Balaji temple… in between came the Himayatsagar Dam.. we rested a while.. took some snaps and again moved ahead to count the remaining miles….

The next twist in the tale came when we reached near Chilkur Balaji Temple … After some querying from the villagers we found that the place Vikarabad is 50 Kms from there (and not 50 Kms from Hyderabad, as Majj had said)…

Anyway, we move ahead, and there welcomes us the lovely and calm roads… those which makes you forget about changing gears … just put it 5 and keep the speedometer fixed to 90… and there you are on a joyful ride and walking with the wind ….

We reached the Ananthgiri Forrest and there the biggest disappointement was waiting for us.. coz by no means you can call that place as a forrest… there was a circular road …. besides which there were 2-3 deserted hounting, former government offices …. we stopped near one such building, which was once the residence of assistant medical officer (?) .. one of those building which you see in those horror movies … if you have seen the movie Evil Dead (1) try to picture that house where the wanderers take shelter… the house was totally deserted… behind it is a 4-5 km long stretch of jungle… a jungle with no sign of life … no water.. no greenary.. not even birds … Majj thought that he spotted a monkey… but later we all found that it was a Dog .. the only alive creature (other than us) which greeted us there …

we stayed there for some time … cursed majj for sometime .. then gave him bumps in reward .. took some picture .. and left in search of some scenic place …

Someone, told us that there is a lake some 10 Kms from this place … we all thought that when we have come down to this much distance .. than lets cover these 10 Kms also… 10kms later we were greeted with a signboard saying that lake (forgot the name) is another 10 Kms from there… Good Lord !!… never mind .. We kept going…

around this time Kunal was driving and I was sitting behind him, some 1 km behind the lake we needed to take a kachcha road to go to the dam… and there we met a small accident… all this time we were driving on smooth roads and got accustomed to speed… this road was very different and by the time Kunal learned to slow down … we were fallen in the ground with bike on our top… very minor accident it was .. I managed to get away withougt any scratch… but Kunal had hurt his hand …

But, the lake was there in front, to cheer us up.. and soon we all forgot the mishap and proceeded towards the water … It was me, jaya and kunal who decided to swim in the water.. and by the time anyone else would have expressed there opinion .. we were already there … trying to fathom the depth of the lake.. it wasnt that deep.. (we found out that Jayaram doesnt need to swim but he can walk around in the lake).. later Utkarsh also joined us… and we played volleyball (with cosco ball)

we came out of the water.. waited for a while to dry our cloths and started off for the returning journey… as we didnt eat anything properly.. we stopped at Vikarabad to have something… rest of the journey was like a rally where we drove in a frenzy to reach the city before the dusk …


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5 Responses to Bike Trip – To Ananthagiri Forests

  1. Kunal कहते हैं:

    dude very abrupt ending 😦 finish it off properly…

    but this bike trip rocked! ekdum fundoo thi 😀

  2. utkarsh कहते हैं:

    abe kya hai ?
    lagta hai .. shuru kiya ekdam sachin / dhoni style mein . ending ekdam darren Ganga style mein ?
    is there a part 2 to this ?? 😀

  3. Rakesh कहते हैं:

    no .. part 2 .. will update this blog (actually wrote bug first time.. you can understand my situation.)..

  4. m.sheshu कहते हैं:

    how to go the ananthagiri forest in rangareddy district

  5. p.sudhir कहते हैं:

    is 1 day enough 2 cover the whole forest….

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