Politically Incorrect

Read about this party in TOI a few days back, its called Democratic Indira Congress (Karunakaran). Now, no offense intended but how could anyone name his party like this.
Didnt get it !! Go through the name of the party once again or have a look at the following picture.

Good for them that they got merged with NCP.

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12 Responses to Politically Incorrect

  1. shashi कहते हैं:

    Its not ‘India’ but its ‘Indira’…….Now I hope it is politically correct 🙂

  2. Hiren कहते हैं:

    In politics, anything is possible. Besides, if Congress(I) can be there, what is wrong in this?

  3. summu कहते हैं:

    roflmao .. 😀

    TANTEX (http://www.tantex.org/) : Telugu Association Of North Texas
    BATA (http://www.bata.org/) : Bay Area Telugu Association

  4. Rakesh कहते हैं:

    @Sashi & Hiren: U didnt see the picture I guess.. nothing to with Indira or India as such.

  5. पिंगबैक: IndianPad

  6. Sreejith कहते हैं:

    This party has been a farce in karala poilitics 🙂 Check this story in The Hindu, one of the most respected newspapers in India. You can’t believe the kind of undercurrents in this story ;))

    statements like..
    “They have nothing else in hand …”
    “weak forces in the LDF which were opposed to the entry of DIC(K). “The strong force has no objection [to the entry].”
    “those who came in contact with the DIC(K) would have to take bath…”


  7. Muzzy कहते हैं:

    Indira can’ have a Dick. Can it? But that was funny.

  8. पिंगबैक: The Bach

  9. Shuchita कहते हैं:

    i am a learner. can you tell me how to add an image in a page or post?

  10. Srik कहते हैं:

    Sreejith and Rocky, Hahahahahahaha 😀 hilarious stuff!!

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