Victim of Plagiarism

Utkarsh pinged me and asked to see this blog and I must say
that the very first glance on it surprised me like anything.

The post which I saw first had Sachin Tendulkar, waving his bat to audience after reaching his 40th ODI century. Isn’t this post familiar ! Hell ! It is, and not just familiar; its a copy of my post “The God is Back”.

I looked again and found that not only this post .. but all the post on that blog are lifted as it is from my blog (Post content & Title everything is as it is) and without any attribution !! This guy (I am assuming it to guy) is copying my posts for last 4 months and I never noticed it.

Another post screenshot:

[Link to copied post]
[My original post]

Its funny that while copy pasting, the guy posted one such article where he talks him to be a wordpress user 🙂

The screenshot:

[Link to copied post]

[my original post]

Not sure, how to tackle this issue. As of now, I have just dropped him a comment asking to remove my posts or at least give proper links to my blog.

Lets see what is his reaction.

Update: The content thief, has deleted his blog now. Thanks to everyone for support.

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19 Responses to Victim of Plagiarism

  1. Kunal कहते हैं:

    dude, you can take this as a compliment! you are famous enough to be plagiarized…

    But don’t let this person rest… Do your best to fight him…
    Check these links-

  2. Sreejith कहते हैं:

    You got stalked!!! hihihi.. vaise whoever he is, he is a real idiot. Its so incredibly stupid, it freaks me out! And if u need help beating him up you know whom to call 🙂 apun hamesha ready hai.

  3. पिंगबैक: Plagiarist Raja/CreatorRaja « T3,The Think Tank Chronicles.

  4. mythalez कहते हैं:

    lol .. wow now u know that u r such a good blogger 😉

  5. पिंगबैक: Realised « The Ever smilin……………….

  6. dafdadsfasdfsdafasf कहते हैं:

    Well Buddy The posts were copied this month only and not since 4 months

    And I would like 2 mind you that the blog wasn’t deleted because of ur comment on the blog
    Rather it never came into my sight

    The blog was deleted because I didn’t liked the idea of posting such stupid posts on my blogs

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