Ramgopal Verma Ke Sholay…

….Kya sachmuch ke Sholay honge ?? I doubt it.

When RGV announced that he is going to remake Sholay, I kind of felt good about this whole concept. A new Sholay, a new Gabbar, a new Jai, a new Veeru, a saga retold in the modern background.

But lately I have become quiet doubtful about this Sholay-2. Frankly after the movies like Darna Mana Hai, and Darna Zaroori hai I have lost faith in Ramgopal Verma and whatever interest was left he blew off with the movie Shiva, a so called remake of another pathetic movie James.

I cant understand what is his fascination for this new guy Mohit Ahlawat and that lady Nisha Kothari. Mohit has hardly spoken 30 lines of dialogues on screen (both of his released movies taken together) and Nisha Kothari too doesnt believe in dialogue delievery and acting. You know she has other works to do .. like shedding cloths every other minute and taking a sensual bath.

Coming back to Sholay. Its really a daring job when someone tries to make another Sholay. Films like Sholay, Mughal-E-Azam, Pakeezah are the finest gewels of Bollywood’s crown and are the classics in the true sense. These movies just get made once in a while and people get credited forever for making them. I dont know Ramesh Sippy made another film or not or what was K. Asif’s next work after Mughal-E-Azam. Similarly, if I think of Kamal Amrohi, I just come to one movie, which is Pakeezah.

These people never realized while filming it that they are going to create a such a masterpiece, that in front of their towering success all their remaining creations will turn into dwarves.

Sholay was one such piece. It was way made back in 1975 and I saw it in 2000, 25 yrs later; and I enjoyed it thoroughly. How many such movies do you know, how many movies made in 70s can you see it again (and again and again) ? As far as I am concerned!! I saw the remake of Don last week and I never want to see it again. With Farhaan as director and Shahrukh as lead actor if we get such movies, you can just imagine how the other movies are going to be.

Sholay has several things which got it the position it has, out of which one is its dialogues. There are several immortal lines like “Kitne Aadmi The”, “Aadmi Teen aur goliyaan, chhe””Tera kya hoga Kaaliya”, “Yeh haath humko de de Thakur”, “Basanti in Kutton ke saamne mat naachna”.. and many more ..

Like Godfather’s dialogues, it has come down in our lives. If you see an apt moment, you just say “Loha Garam hai, maar do hathoda”. You see a couple and you say “Bahut yaarana lagta hai”. You want to encourage someone you just say “Jo Darr gaya, Samjho marr gaya”, and you never realise that these lines are from Sholay.

It is said that the movie earned quiet a few times more than what an average hit movie used to make those times, just by selling the audio tapes of its dialogues. Can you name any movie made in last 10 yrs which has so powerful dialogues that you would like to hear them again.

The other good thing about Sholay was its star-cast. I would not like to compare the new starcast with that of original Sholay, cause rest of the starcaste might do good as of now, but I cant compare Amitabh Bachchan with Mohit Ahlawat, it will be a sin.

The songs werent that good(considering 70s was the best period for bollywood music), but again think of the “Mehbooba O Mehbooba” song and replace R. D. Burman with Himesh Reshamiya. Yuck! Thats the most neat way to spoil such a song.

So far, the thing which I have liked most in the new Sholay, is the look of Amitabh. He is looking kool .

Other than that nothing has made me think to go for this movie. Lets hope, I get know some more good things about the upcoming Sholay. So that I can change my current decision of not to seeing it.

I think Its better that I should sign off now otherwise I will go on and one writing about Sholay, but before doing that I would like to borrow one line from Hema Malini that,

movies like Sholay should be seen again and not made again.

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5 Responses to Ramgopal Verma Ke Sholay…

  1. Kunal कहते हैं:

    first Don, now sholay, and they are also remaking ‘Amar, Akbar, Anthony’ … 😦

  2. HalleY कहते हैं:

    OMG who is remaking Amar.Akbar,Antony .. 😦

    Me too doesnt understand RGV’s tryst with Nisha Kothari and Mohit Ahlawat 😦

  3. Avi कहते हैं:

    I liked this particular line “movies like Sholay should be seen again and not made again” . True and well said. Good article. Will definitely keep visiting ur blog often.

  4. Rakesh कहते हैं:

    @Halley: Yup, very strange !!
    @Avi: Thanks.

  5. Roop Ram Sen कहते हैं:

    This is good concept & realy people will enjoy. I am very much interested to Join in this film if you can give me a chance. In short i am a mimicry artist & i can do Soorma Bhopali’s Roal.

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