The Village Orchestra.

“Meharbaan, Kadardaan, Sahebaan ! Kadar Khan aur Jeenat Amaan”
…. announced the host of the Orchestra !!

“Sab len apna dil thaam …Kyunki sare UP aur Bihar ke logon ka karne ke baad kaam tamaam”,

“Woh aayi hain aaj ki shaam..”

“Karne apna dil aapke naam”

“Ji haan sahebaan, intezaar ki ghadiyaan khatm hui, aur aapke saamne aa rahi hain”.

“Aap sabki pyaari, woh kanya kumari.. jinka nam hai”

“Gauri, Gauri, Gauri, Gauri , Gauri ….”

with this he left the stage for the arrival of the lady… lights were put out and for next couple of seconds everyone’s heart just beat with the echoing sound .. Gauri. Gauri. Gauri…

she came… and as the saying goes … she came, we saw and she conquered… the heart of every audience… including me …

No doubt that she was beautiful… but more were her movements… I didnt anticipate that she would turn out to be such a great dancer. I mean afterall it was just another gaudy roadside orchestra… but she was there to prove all my assumptions wrong.

It rarely happens when you get so much mesmerized with someone’s performance… first song, “Deedar De” and I had made up in my mind that I am not going to miss another Orchestra, ever… second song “Kajra Re”.. and I was like totally charmed by her persona …and by the time she concluded with a Bhojpuri number.. I was like as Utkarsh says, had fallen for First Love of my life but for the Nth time 🙂 …

Well, the fairy tale ended with the morning… when I realised that the show is over .. and the girl is saying goodbye to everyone … leaving me with a broken heart (Nth time 😦 why doesnt Utkarsh say that with every first love comes a First Heart Break as well) and an empty wallet…

[ Well, after every song, a few one who like the performance give away some money in praise of the artist… as the old Nawaab’s used to do it… and his name gets announced on the mike.. the Nawaab in this case was Santosh Poddar, a bosom friend, and each one of us contributed from our pockets for the nobel cause of making Santosh famous … so that next day he can impress his girlfriend :)]

It was a great experience overall… and now I am eagerly waiting for the next Dussehera, just to meet another Gauri of another Orchestra.

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6 Responses to The Village Orchestra.

  1. Rakesh कहते हैं:

    naah ..ulta woh badnaam ho gaya.. ki mele mainpaise lutata hai .. 🙂

  2. vibhor कहते हैं:

    hi rakesh,
    santosh ki to watt lag gayi hogi…
    anyways…mast post hai..bole to maja aa gaya padh ke..
    love to visit again…

  3. Sreejith कहते हैं:

    wah.. full of rustic beauty 🙂 haven’t u got any pics of gauri?

  4. Rakesh कहते हैं:

    @Vibhor: 🙂
    @Sreejith: 😦 nah … hoti to is post pe laga diya hota 🙂

  5. Rakesh kumar कहते हैं:

    Hi,my name is rakesh kumar ha

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