The Bravery Award

Hey Shaam ! Stop !

Shaam: Its ok! Not an issue, I have done it several times.

But Its very close ! You wont be able to make it !

Shaam: Its not very close, besides If I dont do it now, I wont be able to make another ferry today.

Stop for a while Shaam, its just a matter of couple of minutes.

Shaam: Thats what, I am saying. Its not a matter of even minutes, one second and I will be on the other side.

But …

Shaam: No Ifs and Buts ! You just need to be brave, trust your machine and go for it.

But, how can you trust that Mighty Beast and dodge its speed !

Shaam: Let me show you. Here it goes. Chal Mere Mahindra !!

and Shaam moved ahead. The Race was between an Indian Railway’s Engine and a Mahindra Tractor on a railway crossing. The Mighty Beast was coming with its full strength and speed while Shaam was trying to get advantage of the few hundred meters seperating them. It looked for a moment that the 50 horse powers of the tractor has won the race against the 500 horse powers of the rail engine and Shaam felt proud for his brave act, but the very next second he realised that there is a trolly attached with the tractor. He tried to chang the gears in a hurry but all invain. The devil was at his head whistling in its deadly voice. A big thud followed by a loud scream and after that everything fell silent.

Train stopped. Several people gathered around to take a look at the incident. A young man too left his seat to find out what has happened. One step he sees a tractor broken into several pieces. Another step and he sees the internal organs of someone’s body scattered here and there and a corpse lying several yards away. He tries to gather courage to take some more steps and look at the face of the dead man, but he could not.

He saves his bravery for some other day and turns back towards his compartment, thinking about an old ad on television.

“Railway crossing paar karte samay, hamesha sawdhani Barto, Sawdhani Hati, Ki Durghatna Ghati”

[This post is about a real accident. The accident took place yesterday at a place some 200 kms away from Secundrabad station. A tractor while trying to cross the railway line got hit by the Falaknuma Express. The tractor broke into several pieces and the driver died on the spot. I was coming by the same train.]

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