I am a dedicated wordpress user and always keep an eye over whats happening in the wordpress users community.
Recently I saw two blog-events which caught my attention.

  1. Bhuvana Sundarmoorthy wrote a post on 50 common interview questions and overnight she became the most popular blogger on wordpress surpassing Scobleizer.
  2. A techie started posting about the upcoming walkins in India and got so popular that now nearly 2000  3500 readers are subscribed to it.

The above two blogs just fit into a category of blogs which I call as Joblogs, i.e. a blog which is dedicated towards jobs and provides the information about job openings, job questions etc.
I already knew that jobs and job searches are getting popular day by day but didnt much look into the direction of utilising blogs to broadcast the job info directly to each and every interested user.

But now when I think, it looks so obvious to me. I guess people like gigaom and Joel Spolsky already understood the potential of joblogs and thats why they came with their own flavors of joblogs, namely gigaomjobs and job.joelonsoftware.

At the local front, Naukri is already providing rss feeds of job openings in various categories for quiet some time now. Though it looks like monsterindia still needs to catch up with the concept of job feeds.

Good to see this change happening. Now if you are looking for a job you dont need to go search for it but it will itself come to you, just subscribe to the relevant rss feeds.

So, go and get yourself a bloglines account, just in case you dont already own one.
[ PS: my delicious joblog bookmarks ]

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5 Responses to Joblogs

  1. Aditya कहते हैं:

    it luks like that blogging has found its way in almost every aspect of life….this concept of ‘joblogs’ is certainly gonna bcom very popular owing to the ever-concernd job-seekers….its commendable to c u devoting this much time 2 bloggin inspite of being in a job…..

  2. Kunal कहते हैं:

    I think even WTF is jumping on this joblog thing … In I found this:
    “If I were to personally screen job opportunities (to make sure they are not “WTF” places of work) and present them on a job board somewhere on this site, how would affect your opinion of the opportunity?”
    “What statement best describes your current job-seeking?”

  3. walkin कहते हैं:

    The readers count is approaching 3500 now!!
    Do give your feedback on the blog.


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