The other day, I was reading one post from Fursatiya, the post actually contains a memorabilia of Harishankar Parsai. Not sure how many of us know his name now, but he was a very famous author of hindi satire. All I remember about his literature is one story called “Bhed Aur Bhediye”, a classic sarcasm on politics in general and the other piece of literature which I have found closest to it both in style and essence is George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

The article is about Harishankar Parsai’s friend Muktibodh Ji and the last few days of his life. The writing style and the words have made the narration so perfect and captivating that for a moment I felt that I am standing next to Muktibodh’s bed and can actually feel his pain.

I read that post and got so much infcluenced that I just stood still for sometime thinking whats so special about those few hundred words. Why were those words just talking to my heart? Why ? And suddenly I realised the importance of those words. It is written in a language which I have buried deep inside my heart. Yes, the special thing about that prose is that it is in Hindi, my mothertongue which I heard in various forms, from Angika to Bhojpuri, from Maithili to Khadi Boli and grew with it for years but only to discard it away one day.

Till 10th I used to be very good in Hindi & Sanskrit. In my class we used to compete for questions like “How many synonyms (in Hindi) one knows for a particular word” or “Can you say another word which is synonymous to “Phal” (fruit) or “What is the Alankar in this particular Sentence?”. Sanskrit was another subject which was my favorite. There was a time when I was capable to talk and write flawlessly in Sanskrit.

The other subject, which I was very fond of and was actually quiet good in it was Mathematics. In my 7th standard I used to help students of 8th standard with their mathematics. In Xth, if anyone would have asked me what I would I like to choose as my career, my answer would have been a Teacher of Mathematics [:)]

Those were the days.

The current situation !! I have 2Cs and 1 B (with a minus) to flaunt for the three mathematics courses I undertook in my engineering. I have long forgottten the Sanskrit Language, the only remains are a few shlokas that too the ones I memorized in school only.

And Hindi ? To catch up with the pace of technical education, I got so engrossed in English that a boy who once, given a chance used to pile up essays in Hindi can now barely write a complete paragraph without any grammatical mistakes.

Woh Rahim ke Dohe, Woh Kabir ki Saakhi
Woh Tulsi,Sur aur Raidas ki Bhakti
Woh Kaalidaas ka Shringar
Woh Dinkar ka Hunkaar

Pant ki “Abhilasha”
Bachchan Ki Madhushala
Rashmirathi aur Swapnsundari,

Woh Meera Bai ke Bhajan.
Nirala Ka chintan
Mahadevi Varma Ki Gillu aur Sona

Woh Shabdon ke saath khilwaad,
Woh Alankaaron ki khubsoorati,
Woh muhavaron ka chayan,
Woh muktak, woh chhand,

Bhartendu ki Khadi boli,
Vidyapati ki Maithili

Hindi kaisi hoti thi yeh bhule hue ek arsa ho gaya. Ab yaad karne jaoon to sab kooch, bas ek sapna sa lagta hai.

The art of playing with words, the beauty of “Alankar”, the usage of Muhavara, the remarkable quotations, cant remember all of them now. In the quest of mastering an elite language I missed the beauty of my own mothertongue.

And the situation of Angrezi isnt very good either. I never really got mastery over the correct pronunciation of english word. Remember the classic dialogue of the movie “Chupake-Chupake”, When T O “to” is pronounced as “too” and D O “do” is pronounced as “Doo”, why isnt G O “go” is pronounced as “goo”. Seriously, english pronunciation is a tough nut to crack.

And all this confusion just gets doubled, when American English comes into picture.

I always find myself puzzled when I start writing in English. Whether its “Muzic” or “Music” ? Didn’t I read somewhere that “Color” is spelt as “Colour” and wasnt “wasnt” actually “wasn’t”. Is my beer chilly or is it parky? Is it hot because its very cool or is its so kool because its very very Hot ?

And that Rubber thing !!

Bhaiya, apni to Hindi hi bhali thi ! Khwam khah English ke jhamele main pad gaye.
My present situation reminds me of a famous hindi saying.

Chaube Ji Chale The Chhabbe banane, Dubey Banke laute.

Very true.

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10 Responses to Retrospection

  1. skp कहते हैं:

    >>In Xth, if anyone would have asked me what I
    >>would I like to choose as my career, my answer
    >>would have been a Teacher of Mathematics [:)]
    You just did not rite that …. becos I used to say the same ….

    >> I have 2Cs and 1 B (with a minus) to flaunt for
    >> the three mathematics courses I undertook in my >> engineering.

    1 D , 1 C- and 1 A-

    so basically we are perfect for !teaching I guess .. 😦

  2. Rakesh कहते हैं:

    @Pati: Actually we can be the better teachers, remember we have expereince of both being at the top and at bottom ..

  3. Sreejith कहते हैं:

    Awesome post(or is it past) rocky. Reminds me that in +2 i was considered(by others) really good at maths but but my grades read DFCB in college :((

  4. Kunal कहते हैं:

    tu pura fursatiya lag raha hain .. itni saari posts! 😀
    and you are right, these days I am unable to read hindi newspapers without hesitating .. jab ki thode saal pehle tak main hindi crossword, do-teen minute me pura solve kar deta tha … 😦

  5. देबाशीष कहते हैं:

    The Hindi title of your blog is proof enough of your yearning for the language you love. Ti’s never too late, why not start a Hindi blog of your own, do take a look at



  6. नितिन बागला कहते हैं:

    एक बार हिन्दी में लिखना शुरू करिये, मुहावरे, लोकोक्तियां और अलंकार सब याद आ जायेंगे 🙂

  7. Hiren कहते हैं:

    I love talking and hindi and hindi in general but am weak in writing and lazy in reading. English is very convenient.

    Kisi zamaane me hum bhi the hindi me tez
    Pata nahin kahan se aa gaye yeh angrez
    kaise kar sakte hain angrezi se parhez
    Hindi or angrezi dono ko karna chaahiye chase

    One should try to be ambidextrous.

  8. प्रियंकर कहते हैं:

    राकेश की बेचैनी सच्ची है।
    बाकी बातें कच्ची है ॥
    मेरे ब्लॉग पर तुरतै आओ ।
    मनोभाव पर कविता पाओ ॥
    मां के चरणों पर झुक जाओ और करो तुम भाषा वंदन ।
    सब बेचैनी दूर भगाओ करके अपनी भाषा का अभिनंदन ॥

  9. mrityunjay कहते हैं:

    tum bahut hi sachhe lagte ho
    tumhari baate dil ko chuuti hai
    ek baat aur hai isi tarah apniu mann ki baatei likhn a
    kyunki hume isse “ispiration”milti hai
    aage agle post me

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