After Web2.0 what ? Web 3.0!!

There is this upcoming company called Yapta ! which claims it to be a web3.0 startup.

Now while I am still trying to understand the web2.0 concepts, this 3.0 thing is really going to take time some time to sink in my mind. Though, Yapta people have tried to through some lights on the diffrerences between web2.0 and web3.0, which is

*Web 2.0 is where consumers do all the work (blogging, social networking, make your own video, upload your photos, etc.)
*Web 3.0 is where smart programs do all the work for consumers – that’s what YapTA does… it saves hours of work and hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars per year in real, hard cash for the user all for the free price of our software….let your imagination run wild.

Well, I am still wondering whats so new in this definition of 3.0 ! Arent some of the google tools (news, finance,reader) already doing that ? I just wish these guys to come with some real good stuff then only we can see whether its 3.0 or 1.0.

Anyway, I think the web3.0 specifications are still a few miles away and all this 3.0 stuff is nothing but a stunt to create some buzz.

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2 Responses to After Web2.0 what ? Web 3.0!!

  1. Turbo कहते हैं:

    I still think web 2.0 is also a stunt to create some buzz, originally started by a few and then followed by many. I mean internet technologies are evolving gradually, u can’t give them versions as we do to softwares. (just my opinion)
    PS : I don’t know why when I write something I am unable to use the right word… the above mesg looks as if I am very harsh. Don’t mind plz, sir.

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