Hindi Movie: Ahista Ahista

Here comes, another hindi movie from Abhay Deol. If you are one of those people who liked his natural acting skills and innocent dialogues in “Socha Na Tha”, you may like to see this one as well.

The movie is set in Delhi 6.. (the region in and around Jama Maszid) … and is a story of Ankush (Abhay) and Megha (Soha Ali)…
The movie has come out very sweet … Abhay Deol has done a wonderful acting .. and his dialogue delievery is very natural .. and Soha Ali is looking very cute … just like a doll … and there is one Khala (Aunty) … the conversation between her and Ankush is worth watching …

The story in a nutshell.. Ankush is a marriage agent and helps couples in getting married by being a witness… Megha has left her home to get married with Dheeraj (Shayan Munshi) .. but due to some cirumstancial problems .. Dheeraj doesnt come at the Marriage Registrar’s office on time …

Now, Megha and Ankush meet here and Ankush helps her by being a good boy … time flows and they fall in love … and then suddenly everything changes .. Dheeraj is back in the picture again…

What happens next !!! Well, go and see the movie for that.

There is one particular scene from the movie which I found very interesting … the situation is like this .. Ankush doesnt have his own home .. so he takes Megha to his friend’s place … they are in the home together and Megha is slightly terrified …

Megha: Ankush ! Main janti ho ki tum achche ladke ho .. magar .. dekho tum galat mat samajhna.. main aisi haalaton se gujri hoon …. hum aur tum .. is kamre main … akele..
listening to this Ankush says…

Ankush: Are yeh baat hai .. iski to tum fikar hi mat karo … tum jaisi ladki .. aur main … not possible.. tum to class one ki ladki ho na… aur apna to koi class hi nahi … mere jaise ladke ki girlfriend tumhare jaisi ladki ho.. no chance… aur sex… uska to koi scope hi nahi banta…

The music is ok-ish … Yet another Himesh Reshamiya picture… nothing great in the songs .. but they fit well in the movie …. peformance is good … picturisation is good …

Overall .. a good movie .. you can watch it once…

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5 Responses to Hindi Movie: Ahista Ahista

  1. Sreejith कहते हैं:

    i liked socha na tha.. but that was solely because of Takiya (whats the simley for ‘i am in love’?). btw in this movie Soha looks amazingly like Takiya looked in socha na tha.

  2. Kunal कहते हैं:

    Since I liked Socha Na Tha, I think I’ll like this movie too .. But you told me the whole story and who-gets-the-heroine part too 😦

  3. पिंगबैक: Bitter Sweet Symphony » Blog Archive » Another Review : “Ahista Ahista”

  4. samir कहते हैं:

    hi how are you
    i like your movie alot bec the acctress looks likes my anit duagther
    bec this i like this movie bye

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