Single Page Applications

The term Single Page Applications (SPA) along with SPADE, has come very recently mainly with this Ruby on Rails. The concept is to make a rich web application that needs only the browser and css, javascript and html.

Imagine you have a wiki/blog which doesnt require any server-side scripiting, no dataBases, nothing but a plain html file, which you can edit on the fly.

Well, thanks to the new generation web-browsers (read FireFox), this is a very possible idea now and there are some very cool SPA applications already in the existence.

Just try out the TiddlyWiki and NextAction and I am sure you too will fall in love with them.


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One Response to Single Page Applications

  1. Kunal कहते हैं:

    NextAction is amazing … I had already seen this TiddlyWiki 🙂

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