Trip to Kuntala Falls

I was quiet bored lately with this daily cycle of Home-> Office ->Home, so when Bala asked about going out I agreed instantaneously without even asking about the Place where we were going.

Well it was only on the very day of the trip that I came to know that apart from Bala almost everyone wasnt aware of the destination.

Actually Bala has just brought his car from his home and is very passionate for driving and he wants to explore all the places worth seeing in Andhra Pradesh. It was the second trip that he planned. First he wanted to go to Ramappa Lakes, which somehow got scrapped.. anyway, lets leave that story aside.

It was decided that we are going out for the week end and after several permuations and combinations the final list that was made, included 8 people, Amar, Amit, Arjun, Bala, Francis, Rakesh (Me), Shiva & Viresh.

We had two cars, the Sexy Swift and the Attractive Alto. As both the cars were starting off from different places so the plan was to leave early on saturday morning and meet at Kukkatpalli by 6:30 PM.

I woke up at 5:30 am (after probably a decade 🙂 ) so that I can join the Amar and the gang (in Swift). We reached Kukkatpalli on the scheduled time and thats when we realised about the Indian Standard Times. When the four of us were waiting for them at 10Kms away from Hitech city.. some of them were still under the covers [:)]… so to spend the time we a futile search for some place which can offer breakfast at this point of time … and we clicked some snaps.

We left soon after the other car arrived. Let me remind you we were all damn hungry by this time. Bala had brought the ration of Bread, Butter and Jam but no one was interested in making the sandwitches so it was decided that we will stop at very first place whereever there is a chance to get someething to eat.

So we stopped at this roadside eatery and it was this place only that we came to know that we are going to Kuntala Falls, before that I knew that we are going to some place in Adilabad District. See this video if you dont believe me 🙂

The next few hours spent in the car only. Though we stopped here and there to took some snaps or at times to have soem tea or some snacks.

at one such place we noticed a small mountain kind of thing (basically a giant heap of rocks) on top of which there were two watch posts. We first decided to take some snaps only but when we went close we thought it could be a nice place for trekking. Everyone liked the idea and soon we were , climbing from one rock to another. Here is a video showing the place, Amar and Amit are doing the commentary.

We moved ahead and the next destination was Sri Ram Sagar Project. A beutiful dam built on the river Godavari.

We sat here for some time ..enjoyed the cool breeze… soaked ourselves with the water of The Southern Ganges… and set off for Kuntala falls.

The kuntala fall is located in a very picturesque location. Throughout the journey we went gasping about the beuaty of this place.

Here is a google video showing the fall and its surroundings.

At kuntala falls…

We snapped some photographs….

Danced in the water

Slided with the waterfall slope

Had near death experience [in some other post]
in short enjoyed a lot.

Now back to hyderabad.

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12 Responses to Trip to Kuntala Falls

  1. naveen कहते हैं:


    i have read your tour plan. it was good can i have your contact number i need some details coz we are also planning to go to that place .

    i also work in hitech city.


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  3. Kunal कहते हैं:

    near death experience [in some other post]
    is this post up?

  4. Rajendra कहते हैं:

    YES!!! true..u are the guy wid the blog, coz the amazing illustrations would carry anyone to that place. i recalled there is a great waterfall somewhere, as someone had mentioned, other than the one near nagarjuna sagar which i ve seen, i came across your posting.

    Need your help in 1) are there hotels to choose from. 2) usual budget of the hotels 3) do i need to book or can i take the risk to going there and seeing

    take care, hope you enjoy many such journeys and we enjoys such great pics.

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  7. पिंगबैक: अनाम

  8. Raj कहते हैं:

    Do we have any cottages over there to stay and do we get for boozing there are else should we carry the drinks with us yaar

  9. bharadwaj कहते हैं:

    hey bro… this post is a great help for us… as we were planning to get outta da city… hummm…. probably we get more company from our other collegues who may join us for august 1st week sojourn to Kuntala Falls…


  10. sravani कहते हैं:

    hey thanx for d info..nice post..can u please temme d distance n time to the water falls from hyderabad?

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