Help !! I Need a Good Site for Listening to Hindi Songs.

Now don’t tell me to go to these Raagas, Music India Onlines and The Dishants of India, they aren’t worth a tinker’s damn. I haven’t used Dishant that much but I am quiet a regular user of Raaga and Music India On-line, but both of them sulk at one front or another.

The most popular of them all is Raaga but it is also one of the sites which sulks most. The issues which I noticed recently with Raaga are. (Raaga Folks please listen)

1. You don’t have a database of lyricists, so if I want to search for the songs penned by Gulzar I will just have to go to Music India On-line.
2. Your search sulks very badly doesn’t produce all the results and takes too much of time.

3. In the music player.. every song starts with the CitiBank Ad, its so annoying .. Guys , cant you get rid of it .. You already have so many ads surrounding that tiny little player and those unstoppable and innumerable pop-ups.
4. Your Database of songs is very poor. Search for a movie made in 70s (I searched for Khamoshi -1969) and you wont find a trace of it. Dudes that was Golden period for Hindi Movie Songs !!

Well, I prefer to listen to the music India on-line as it has several advantages over Raaga

1. The search is much better.
2. Lyrics are properly placed.
3. Search by lyrics/lyricists works pretty nicely
4. It has a larger collection of songs than Raaga (probably because its focused on Hindi songs)
5. There select songs feature is Ajaxified 🙂

but guys you have a serious problem , your name is too long 🙂 … and also your site lacks this feature of “top of the chart”, which I guess, is a must have for all these sites (Raaga has it) …

and the worst thing is your media player, its behavior is so erratic. It will run only with a particular version of real or windows media player on a particular browser.

Lately I wasn’t able to make it run on firefox, I searched several forums and came to know that probably it needs a upgrade in the realplayer. I upgraded the realplayer it started working fine in Firefox but stopped working in internet explorer.

One thing I don’t understand is why both of these sites want to go for a client side media player, why cant you simply use a flash based media player. Learn something from these google videos or youtubes. they stream Videos .. you are just providing audios.

In fact the best thing which I want to point out towards will be the .. learn something from them.. The UI is so sleek, the search is so fast and well organized, the play-list creation and updates are so simple and their media player (which is flash based) works like a charm.

Guys, if you are listening me .. please work on these points …. and make on-line music listening simpler.
Or anyone else out there .. please let me know if there are some good alternatives to these sites.


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Hi, This is Rakesh, welcome to my web-log.
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9 Responses to Help !! I Need a Good Site for Listening to Hindi Songs.

  1. Dishant कहते हैं:


    Nice to read these notes. I think you will find best of both worlds on – the newly designed look, the large collection of songs (much surpasses Raaga’s collection), very fast search (includes lyricist search) and a universal player which doesn’t start with annoying Citibank ads. None to maybe 1 pop-up ever on your visit to the site.

    Hope you enjoy the visit on and your comments/suggestions are always welcome.


  2. Rakesh कहते हैं:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog Dishant, I have never really explored now as you have said .. I will surely give it a try.


  3. Rahul कहते हैं:


    Did you get to visit I think it has lot of features


  4. pam कहते हैं:

    This is pam from orlando fllorida searching for an old song.Hum intezaar karenge ,hum intezaar karenge tera quayamat tak,khuda kare ke quayamat ho aur tu aaye, khuda kare ke quayamat ho aur tuu aaye.
    your website is grrreat.

  5. ramesh कहते हैं:

    check out has some good collection of movies

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