Orkut 2.0

Dont go by the title, Orkut was always a web 2.0 portal as far as the technology and the concept is concerned. Its just that only recently I am witnessing a suddent surge in its usage around me and a new look of Orkut, which makes it not just a community site but a communication medium.

There was a time when every other day I used to get invitation from my friends to join a brand new community site; be it a social one like Multiply, Orkut, Fropper, Hi5, Judy’s Book, Facebook (God ! how many of them are there) .. or a business networking .. Ryze, Rediff Connexions, Linked In and so on ..

I joined all of them but it was Orkut only which made a lasting impression and I became regular visitor. one reason could have been that somewhere down the lane the word Google was associated with it …

Anyway my first experience with Orkut wasnt that pleasant. Every other time when I used to login.. it used to greet with a very nasty messsage “Bad bad server, No Doughnuts for You”

Thanks to some groundwork done by the Orkut guys, the server has become quiet stable now and the user count too, has increased exponentioally. Everyday I get a new invitation to add as a friend and all these new member (the latest are my team mates) are so much devoted .

Everyone is coming to Orkut. From a 70 year old Talat Aziz fan to a 4 yr old Krrish Fan. And it has really helped me to connect with some of my long lost friends. I found one of my distant cousin in Orkut, he was living next door to me for more than a year but none of us had a clew.

If Orkut’s reach will go on like this,I think in the next Bollywood flick we will see, two brothers who got separated In Kumbh Fare are meeting in the Orkut 🙂

I am probably one of the laziest members of Orkut as even after the 3yrs presence here I have managed to accumulate only some 500+ scraps … but I know people who deal in thousand of scraps, have a friend count close to 1k and Coolness,Trusty, Sexyness > 90%.

The latest status symbol is not how many girl friends you have but how many FANS you have in orkut. Gone are the days of eMail and IMs.. the in thing is Scraps.

Scrapping is becoming such a popular practice that you can get serveral desktop softwares just to make it simple for you to scrap. My favorite of them all are Scrapboy and Orkut Cute. You can check “Inside Orkut” for more such tools and hacks.

Another thing by which I measure the popularity is by spams, first it was emails, then blogs and now Orkut. It is affected with all sorts of spams. Comment spams, Fake users, Spam comments in communities, spam scraps !!

Well, the entire internet is fighting with the spammers, I hope Orkut guys will also succeed in it and present us a more cleaner and stable orkut.

Happy Orkutting.

PS: My orkut profile is here, add me as a friend if you know me or want to know me and if you like you can leave a scrap here.


About Rakesh

Hi, This is Rakesh, welcome to my web-log.
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13 Responses to Orkut 2.0

  1. mythalez कहते हैं:

    I agree and then i recollect the post by Kunal where he admonished orkut and its uses 😀

  2. Kunal कहते हैं:

    Wish your title were the truth and orkut would be better, release their beta version, provide more features, make it user-friendly … ahh.. I can go on and on… Till the time orkut 2.0 comes out, I think PC would have become obsolete and mobile would be the new ‘computer’ .. And yeah I still say – I hate orkut 😀

  3. Sreejith कहते हैं:

    orkut is kind of cute.. hihihi just realized that orkut can be pronounced ‘ur-cute’. anyway i’ve found a lot of long lost friends on orkut and i am grateful to it for that.

    PS : i wanted to post this comment on ur scrapbook but decided against it ;))

  4. Vardhman कहते हैं:

    Orkut is strangely one of the site I give more priority and visits than slashdot 😉
    I didn’t approve of its concept early on, and for that reason never joined any other network too, but off-late Orkut is the best time pass activity, the communities though not very well supported in terms of features are also interest places to hang around and meet like minded ppl.
    And yep, Fan count is the new status symbol probably (at least me and ranjith keep track of that as one ;))

  5. pramodh8 कहते हैं:

    ” I think in the next Bollywood flick we will see, two brothers who got separated In Kumbh Fare are meeting in the Orkut :)” — this idea is awesome.

  6. utkarsh कहते हैं:

    you are forgetting one very important use of orkut .. let me refresh your memory ..
    people meet at orkut .. become friends .. visit each other’s blogs and then before you know .. they are in the same city together and are “more than just friends” .. sounds familiar ??
    he he.. well .. true .. it’s a time pass .. but it’s also a good refuge for desperately hopefulls and lonely hearts like me .. let’s not banish orkut from our lives .. it’s god’s answers to all our prayers ..

  7. vardhman कहते हैं:


    🙂 gg. You rock man! Rocky ur replies to utkarsh’s comment would be awaited 😉

  8. Rakesh कहते हैं:

    @Mythalez: Well its just like, every coin has two faces 🙂

    @Kunal: Well Orkut is like Himesh Reshamiya. You may hate it, you may curse it, you can do anything you like but.. at the end you have no option but to go for it.

    @Sreejith: 🙂

    @Pramodh: yeah, I just need to patent it .. so that no one else can take the credit 🙂

  9. Rakesh कहते हैं:

    For Vardhaman

    @Utkarsh: The story WAS different. We got connected using rediff connexions… so now you know where to go when you want to find someone 🙂

  10. utkarsh कहते हैं:

    got the point .. I shall try out all the possible networking sites while I am at it .. lets make world a physically-lonely-and-virtually-hiphop place to live in ..

  11. priya कहते हैं:

    hi to evey one !
    anyone who is interested to be my frnd, just mail me

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