Oh this scorching heat and this never ending wait for the bus. God knows when will these DTC buses will learn to come on time. There supposed to be a bus at every 10 minutes and its already more then half an hour and no sight of no-769, neither DTC nor a Blueline.

God ! What to do now. Saala, its rush hour also, why didnt we leave early from Rohini, ab to seat bhi nahi milegi.

Me: Oye, Mukki koi joke suna yaar bore ho raha hoon, (saale sab pata nahi kya kar rahe hain ? )

Mukesh: Abe joke ko chhod udhar dekh kya items hain.

[There was a group of girls from a nearby college all good looking, giggling and laughing at some thing.]

Arun: Behan@#$% !! Abe pink waali ko dekh, kya dress pahni hai, Kambakht yeh bhi kyun pahna hai !!

Me: [Koi nahi sunane wala, chup chap wait karo], Oye whats the time yaar !!

Yash: 5:30 PM

I was feeling thursty because of the heat, so started looking for the Juice Wallah and it was then when I saw her. A beautiful girl standing at the other end of the bus stand. Fair, oval faced, big eyes wow !!

These guys are missing the real beauty.

Me: Abe, idhar dekho, wahan kya dekh rahe ho?
Yash: Hmm, achchi hai !!
Me: Bas achchi hai ?
Mukesh: Abe bahut achchi hai, ab khush !! Chal Tu udhar wali rakh, humlog idhar waali.
Me: [Smiling] Saale …

There was nothing else to do, so I started staring at her. 2-3 minutes gone and she looked back at me.

Oh Shit !!

I turned my face and started talking to my friends. [God ! Kya qaatil nigaahen hain !!]

One minute spent and I gathered some courage to look back in her direction and to my utter surprise she was still looking back at me. I turned around to see if she is looking at something else but no she was looking at me only.

I turned once again, looked at her and smiled, she returned the smile !!

Oh God ! What a girl ! Aur bhav bhi de rahi hai!!

Shall I go to her and ask her no, nahi, no jyda ho jayega .. Ghar pe call kiya to problem hogi …College wollege pooch leta hoon .. Kabhi bhi ja ke mil sakta hoon..

But, how will I initiate…

Well, So simple, I’ll start by asking her name.. Shit, uska nam poochoon ki apna naam bataoon..
What do they do in these movies.. saala abhi to kuch bhi nahi yaad aa raha..
Chalo apne naam se shuru karta hoon … Ok, Its decided .. I will go and say “Hi, I am Rakesh and you ?”… ..thoda sa ajeeb lagta hai .. but its ok .. lets go… chal beta rocky chadh ja suli pe..

Suddenly, Mukesh shouts … Abe bus aa gayi.. but its crowded .. le yeh bag pakad .. let me board first..
Me: [Oh shit.. bus ko bhi abhi aani thi..] ..Ummm.. de..

They all boarded the bus .. while I stood there .. watching sometimes at the bus and sometime at the girl …

Yash: Abe daud bas chhoot rahi hai ..
Me: Its very crowded .. main next bus se aata hoon.. [Good now all of them gone… Now I can talk to her.. ]
They all left.
2 minutes, I still havent gathered the courage to talk to her…
5 minutes gone, she has come closer now…
8 minutes .. I see another 769 coming .. now I need to make the call .. bus or girl .. Ok talk to the girl.. talk to the girl.. do it .. do it now.
I turned again and God, she was standing near me… and I again lost it all .. I cant talk to her.. lets catch the bus… bus is coming closer..

Suddenly, I felt someone’s presence around me .. Oh what a smell. It must be her.. I looked back … she was standing next to me ..

I tried to utter .. Mmm my Nnname iiis ….

She came closer.. kept one hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ears..
650 Rs, My Place

Oh %^&*, she is a Pro… F*** ! All this time I was …

Bus had arrived.. I ran for the bus … Once inside, I lifted my hand to wipe off the sweat on my forehead and realized I am trembling…

The bus left and I looked back again only to find her looking back in my direction and smiling …


About Rakesh

Hi, This is Rakesh, welcome to my web-log.
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9 Responses to 650/-

  1. Rakesh कहते हैं:

    @Parry: May be, but it was later only I came to know that place is one of the un-official red light areas of Delhi.

    @Halley: Hmm, so I guess thats what you would have done 😉

    @Kunal: Year 2k1, I was in Delhi Preparing for IIT JEE

  2. sandeep कहते हैं:

    hahaha…real good one..imagining u running towards the bus in that incident ;)) makes me rofl..

  3. Sreejith कहते हैं:

    hmmmmm.. thank u for the tips ;)) 769 here i come!

  4. Rakesh कहते हैं:

    @Sandeep: Beta Delhi ja rahe ho .. bach ke rahna.

    @Ashish: Thanks

    @Nirnimesh: Wasnt that bold that time … abhi to shayad kar bhi loon.. 😉

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