Hitech Thief

Friday, 12th May, 2006

Tired of the headache caused by this sudden rise in temperature, I decide to go back home, slightly earlier than usual. I was thinking to take a good 2-3 hrs sleep and later in the evening make a visit to IIIT.

Well, I hardly knew that this wish of mine is not going to be fulfilled.

It was just about 5 O'clock in the afternoon, when I reached our building. I was thinking how I am just going to lie down on the bed as soon as I am inside the flat. I reached into my pocket to search for the keys, while I climbed the last few stairs. Well, I didnt really used the keys, the doors were already wide open, welcoming me.

It didnt really surprise me though, I thought may be pankaj has also come early, as its friday and not many of us want to work for long. I came in, but no-one was to be seen. I thought may be the water is not coming, and Pankaj has gone downstairs to start the water motor. I was slightly puzzled and planned to go downstairs and check out for him.

It was only when I came outside and tried to close the door that I noticed the broken doorknob. At once I understood what could have been. I rushed back and saw everything once again. In one room mine and kunal's suitcase were left wide open, thoroughly search. And our belongings were scattered around. Similar was the case in other room too .. Pankaj's trunk was open and all its belongings scattered here and there.

Oh my God !! We have just been victim of a theft !!!

When this realisation sunk in my mind, I started to search what all have been looted from our house. But wasnt able to find anything. In shock I cancelled my AMEX card, but on a second look, I was able to find that. I called Pankaj & Kunal to know about their valuable items. Pankaj came at once and looked into his possesions and he too didnt find anything missing.

We were amused, someone just broke into our house and didnt took anything ! Its strange !!

Well, being an ideal citizen 🙂 we thought lets report to police. So pankaj went to police-station to get someone.

Meanwhile, I was getting bored and thought its going to take some time till the policemen arrives, lets play some music in between. I switched on the system and thats when I realized what has been stolen.

Well, I tried to switch on the system and it didnt start. I checked the plugs, the power connection, everything was fine. I thought may be the extra hard disk that we have added is causing some problem in boot up and I thought to plug that out. I looked into the CPU and it was surprisingly empty.

The extra Hard Disk was gone [Poor Kunal], with some 60+ movies + Wonder Years + Joey + Kunal's Btech Projects + Mp3s + Games [CS :(] + softwarez + wallpapers [:(( Elisha kutbert gone]

On a second look we found some more items missing, that includes RAM and FRIENDS cds [ :(( all 10 seasons of it] , my Gold Ring and counting..

PS: To Mr thief, if you are a little more hitech and reading this blog, please contact us on any of the below mentioned Ids, we assure you we will pay you more than what you will yourself get for these itmes in the gray market.

Hoping for a quick response:

kunal[dot] dhabalia [at] gmail.com

kumar[dot] rakesh [at] gmail.com

pankaj[dot]madhukar[at] gmail.com


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7 Responses to Hitech Thief

  1. Kunal कहते हैं:

    My hard disk 😦
    Call to the robber: At least return the Friends cds, they are useless – you will be unable to sell burned cds 😦

  2. sandeep कहते हैं:

    cool yaar..if u can pay him more than the gray market..pay me instead for my Hard disk that amount..i wil giv u my RAM free 😦 .. my system is not working since last 2 weeks..:'(

  3. Sri कहते हैं:

    hi rakesh!!
    1 of the more interesting posts i’ve read till date. hope u get all the stuff back soon…

  4. utkarsh कहते हैं:

    bhai .. meri bike start kar ke dekh le ki usmein se to kuch nahin uda ke le gaya ..
    All 10 seasons of FRIENDS :((

  5. Venki कहते हैं:

    rofl..so what are you guys doing now?

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