The Week That Was

It wasnt a good beginning at all, as I wasnt able to go home becasue of the work, something which I was desperately looking for .. but as they say If the end be well, all will be well. And It ended pretty well.. Even though I was knee deep in the work, I thoroughly enjoyed the week.

It was my first holi out of campus and contrary to many of my friends, I played holi with the same enthusiasm and vigour with which I used to play in College. This time we didnt have a holiday on Holi in my company, but thanks to my team mates Ajay, Amit and manager Gautam, we never felt the need of a holiday.

We planned to celebrate the holi and then come back to office and thats what we did. So, on the Holi day, I was totally covered in colors even before my room mates were awake. Thanks again to the three Aces (read Ajay, Amit and Asheesh) to plan it thoroughly.
Some snaps:

Holi-1Ajay and Asheesh
Amal was back in the hyderabad for the week ends and so were Adi and Piyush. Spent some time with them. It always feels good doing nothing but plain BC [its not that famous BC of BC Sutta song ;)] with friends.

Wanted to spend some more time with them, but wasnt able to do so; all courtesy to the stomach ache caused by regular trips of Nihaal Dhaba and the last few days of the week were mostly spent in watching movies.

Watched RDB once again, then Parineeta and GodZilla, The Core, The Crash, The Thirteenth Warrior… Parineeta is an awsome movie .. how could I miss it earlier 😦 and Vidya Balan is.. just so ..

My favorite list +=Vidya Balan 🙂
Its monday again, I am back in office and supposed to work 🙂 . Just wishing this week also goes equally well.


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4 Responses to The Week That Was

  1. Kunal कहते हैं:

    Very photogenic indeed 😛
    And was it necessary to post pics when some poor guy was slogging in office …. 😦

  2. Ak-84 कहते हैं:

    wat .. there aren’t any official leaves on Holi in these corporates 😦 great that u had ur piece of fun .. Jes in case, u happen to start ur own company in time to come, as u sed, do not forget to keep such festivals as official leaves 😀

  3. Pramodh कहते हैं:

    what is the meaning of BC , I read it in many blogs , but I could not understand its meaning.

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