Barcamp Hyderabad

The better half of my blog audience [read IIITians] already know what a barcamp is so this post is mainly for the other half [well, who said that I can have only one better half 😉 ]

What is a barcamp?

Well they should have named this as NoBar-Camp, as it is an answer to the Un-conference of Tim’s : FooCamp, where the techies come together and share their knowledge on the topics of their choice; with less restrictions to make it reach to a wider audience.

To know more about it read the wikipedia article on barcamp.

Barcamp in your neighbourhood

BarCamps are getting popular day by day throughout the world and have recently started gaining momentum in India as well. We already saw a very successful delhi-barcamp. To continue the tradition and give you an platform to share the knowledge you possess, now we have barcamp hyderabad in your very own city Hyderabad.

People behind it

IIIT Hyderabad, The R trio- [Ramesh, Rajan and Rajat], Kopos

What you could do

Present your views on the above mentioned topic. Help in organizing the event. Do the publicity of this event through your blog or eMail.

for more, visit the barcamp hyderabad wiki

Looking forward to see all you folks on 8th April, yeah thats the tentative date so far for the barcamp hyderabad.


About Rakesh

Hi, This is Rakesh, welcome to my web-log.
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One Response to Barcamp Hyderabad

  1. Alluring Gnome कहते हैं:

    Where are these usually announced? I remember seeing it on a local daily and a Hyderabad site, but after the event was over :(.

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