gMail is forever

One of the many reasons(Search being the topmost of them), why I like Google is because of gMail. This email service has revolutionized the way the eMails used to work.. it hasnt yet completed even the 2yrs of its existence but still its a way ahead of its competitors in terms of features.
Well, I am not going to blabber about the features of gMail here.. its just that this reality struck me in the morning… since the time I have started using gMail .. my identity on the parallel front has changed from rakesh_kumar[At] to rakesh.kumar[At] to rakesh.ra.kumar[At] .. but gMail is still there, giving me company as a true friend, providing me a permanet address in the cyber space with kumar.rakesh[At]

So, what about Yahoo! and MSN !! yeah I do exist as kumar.rakesh[At] and kumar.rakesh[At] .. but only for novelty.. just in the hope that maybe some day they will wake up and do something revolutionary.

Right not, for me they stand no where next to gMail. At present I have some 1.5 giga bytes in 14000 eMails which includes some 50+ mp3s. I guess no other service provider can give me so much storage space with an equally good searching and indexing service.
Well, they say nothing is permanent in the world wide web, but for the time being I would like to say that gMail is forever for me.

🙂 can you see that previeous sentence in itself is an oxymoron.


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6 Responses to gMail is forever

  1. Kunal कहते हैं:

    Why am I unable to locate the oxymoron?
    Am I dumb?
    Can you see that previeous sentence is a tautology 😛

  2. vardhman कहते हैं:

    But gmail didn’t give me gtalk on my active account yet 😦 Yes I did get it on a second account which I registered after gtalk was added to gmail.

    Anyways search is awesome, Thinking of it, I guess desktop search would be great too. Waiting to use Beagle on my computer sometime.

  3. Rakesh Singh कहते हैं:

    well .. vardhman .. I think they are giving alphabetically … so you can understand why its getting delayed in your case ..

  4. Ragz कहते हैं:

    I am actually waiting for their future projects also which happen to be code-named Lighthouse and GDrive. Noone yet knows what Lighthouse is yet but GDrive is their approach to unlimited storage space for all. That would be a real rocker 🙂

  5. M.H.J. कहते हैं:


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