Le Chale, Le Chale…

Beatutiful song from the movie My Brother Nikhil




About Rakesh

Hi, This is Rakesh, welcome to my web-log.
यह प्रविष्टि Music, Personal, Random Ramblings में पोस्ट और टैग की गई थी। बुकमार्क करें पर्मालिंक

4 Responses to Le Chale, Le Chale…

  1. mindwarrior कहते हैं:

    thanks man 🙂 movie was awesome and now seeing the song its soo damn fulfilling 🙂

  2. santosh pandey कहते हैं:

    Hi Rakesh,

    Nice to know that you work for Oracle. i also used to work for Oracle in past at Bangalore.

    Hey its a very good blog..liked it very much and will keep on coming back.

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