Sweet memories …

For our farewell, our juniors, [ thanks to all of them especially Akansh and Shiben ] created a scrapbook.

Courtesy Girish, I found that scrapbook once again.. here are the comments written for me by batchmates, the entire comment list can be found here


pankaj_n wrote…
This guy can do anything in any field ….whether it is academics or organising any event…

A real and true friend ..always there with u whenever u need ..

haan !! forgot to add one specific attribute of him..he is also our second compiler..first place is patented by parivesh..whenever u ask him smthing ..he thinks and probably thinks again and then answer saying ..haan …kya ??

My project partner for 3 sems and about 6 projects….very ground to earth..
Lucky to have friend like him..
ok..speaking in a nutshell he is also our yaaron ka yaar..

sandeep wrote…
rocky dada…is very kind hearted, sweet natured, soft spoken etc etc .. he has good ‘soft skills’ :)) .. he can manage many people or events together … i remember all the antaksharis , dumb charads we played in the simla trip…keep in touch dude we r in hyd together…

ramneek wrote…
He talked to me sometime back and asked me if I would forget him after college. Well, to say the truth, he is one of those guys I would probably never forget. He was my windmate in first sem and our roll no’s are adjacent. So we had copied together in a number of tests and exams 🙂 (well most of the times, I had copied from him). Like me, he also has a taste for bengali movies. Is a nice guy to talk to and spreads happiness wherever he goes…

kunal wrote…
A gem of a person. He is one of the few who has won respect from all, and he deserves it. A very hard and thorough worker, he deserves the best of everything.

jayaram wrote…
This guy has awesome energy.A duracell battery,goes on and on and on and….

I dont know if I ever said thank you for doing that Middleware project completely on your own…but a sincere thank you…

one doubt..why did you lie to me the night before Oracle?

sreejith wrote…
Akways ready to lend a helping hand rocky is one of the most energetic souls. Its not the end but the effort the counts and rocky has put in a lot of effort for my batch. Will always remember you for that.

s_shadab wrote…
One of best guys I have ever seen.Works hard in group activities.Sincere and dedicated.

kumargaurav wrote…
rocky, a great friend to have, very friendly, helping, innocent,confident guy. His confidence is the key to his success. Hey rocky, do remain like this forever. dont change urself.

suman wrote…
Rocky is a very good person .. one of the very few persons who handle thier responsibilites well .. always cool and has a smile on his face …. rocky rocks 🙂 .. ALL THE BEST rocky ..

avinash_k wrote…
Have known him since first year. He is a simple guy with
a smile allways in his face. Did not interact much in later years, but allways admired your cool and calm nature. Keep it up. Ya!! Do you remember the treat we took in first year;) Wish you luck!!

puspendra wrote…
Active person….dusaro ke gal friend pe line marane me bhi active :)).. very friendly nature.
Rocky rocks.

asheesh_p wrote…
Our dear Raka
got a cute smile and a cool head.Best person to share ur wildest thoughts and dreams.

A person with whom u can have a lot of fun and masti.

parida wrote…
if u remember , i first meet u after coming here at the dabbha outside iiit and then enjoyed touring hyd a bit.

attribute: jhum-jhum ke chalte ho…dhere-dhere baat karte ho

abhi_anand wrote…
We met the very first day in the campus… He has become more and more active since then. A very caring person with balanced mature personality… We also shared some special d-nights … he is simply a great cool guy and aperson who can be trusted at tough times..


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7 Responses to Sweet memories …

  1. Sreejith कहते हैं:

    :(( nostalgia is smacking me with a sledge hammer as i read through those pages. *sighs* i want to turn back time!! i soo want to relive my memories.

  2. Ak-84 कहते हैं:

    hey sir.. no thnx vanx.. we owed u atleast dat much.. 🙂 .. and the name’s Akansh 😀

  3. Rakesh Singh कहते हैं:

    @Akansh (hope its right now)
    🙂 , actually never called you as Akansh, you were always Khurana for the entire college ..

  4. पिंगबैक: Baseless Ramblings » Blog Archive » Then and now

  5. Ak-84 कहते हैं:

    Ya right 🙂 I’m trying to change ‘Khurana’ to ‘AK-84’ these days.. it sounds cool

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