God and Me

[Long Due Post: Started writing first on 21st October 2005]

I have faced these kind of question many a times; Do you believe in this? do you believe in that ? What is your opinion about this thing?.. and among these questions there are two which are very prominent … Do you believe in God ? and Do you believe in Ghosts?

Already wrote about a ghostly experience in one of my earlier posts, and not in a mood to write about the scary things, as in a insecure mode right now [reason: a customer bug got reopened 😉 , so in office on Sunday ]… so, its time of God rt now … waise bhi kaha gaya hai ki Musibat ke waqt Ram Ji ka sumiran karna chahiye 🙂

Well, my belief in God isnt restricted to Ram Ji or Shiv Ji, Vishnu Ji, or any Ji for that matter, its not that I am a devotee of the Godesses only, even though my password for my students account was “Jai Mata Di” for quiet a long period [3yrs atleast], its something like; I dont want to confine the concept of God in only these names..

The existence of God for in my view can be most closely described by “Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle”, so basically his presence depends on the faith you have.. the more you have faith.. the more will be his proximity to you… and vice-a-versa..

That is the product of your faith and his deviation from you is constant.

The shape and the form, in which I see God, varies time to time, though most of the time I prefer calling through my favorite link, Maa Vaishno Devi 🙂 … but I think there is something which describes him best, is the symbol – Onkar or Aum or Om ?

How I see God !! Is another difficult question… First of all I dont fear him, rather I respect his presence around me, helps me in many ways.. most of the times in avoiding the bad paths.. now the definition of a bad path is also very personal, but the feeling of the presence of an almighty authority helps in deciding that ..

Also, the belief in his presence, makes me stronger from within.. as I always feel that no matter what happens I will never be alone because he is there with me always .. its not that I have got any assurance from him, its just a faith.

[to be continued ..] may be, when the time and mood permits 🙂


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4 Responses to God and Me

  1. sandeep कहते हैं:

    God bless you 🙂 .. Even AC and Bothra are big believers of God and have varying reasons for why they believe in God…

  2. Shiv कहते हैं:

    My friend, the way you have written about Bhagavaan is perfect. I couldn’t agree with you more! Jai Mata Di.Aum Namah Shivaya, Rab Rakha Fer, Haribol! =)

  3. Praveen कहते हैं:

    God is just that, as you rightly said; “a concept” ! It’s something people “choose” to believe in. It’s a need based concept, so people who don’t have a need wont believe in this concept. So in society you have believers and non-believers or atheists. There’s no harm in being on either side as long as people keep to themselves. I am happy without this concept, as to me its useless. I am happy for the ones who are happy with it.

  4. god-mode कहते हैं:

    Yeah… but i think u r a fearful lil kid …who fears getting lonely in this big world… belief in god and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle … u cannot possibly write worse things… a bhumihar myself , i don’t agree with u … all i wanted to know was why are bhumihars considered deadlier than cobra… and u don’t even answer that
    And yes all the believers… pray all u want no god will ever come 😉

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