Scary Story

Back at the time of my Intermediate College days, when I used to study in S. P. College Dumka…. I stayed in a rented house, with my brother and one of my friends Rajeev…

…this house was behind our University… there was a boundary wall between our house and the near-by government staff colony… very few people used to stay in that colony… on the right side, there were two three more houses but most of them were not occupied, … in front of my house there was a kachha road and in front of that there was a big football ground …to summarize it all … there were very few persons living in the next one square kilometer area 😦

the roof of this house was made of tiles… there were two giant Semal trees, besides my house… during the rainy seasons, the fruit [not eatable 😦 ] of these trees used to fall on the roof, making a very strange noise as if some has just jumped on the roof 😦 …

coming back to the story, It was one of those cold and stormy nights in the monsoon season… I was alone in my room, as it was saturday and my brother and friend had left for home, they were going to board a bus, which was supposed to leave at 8 PM… I stayed back because because I had to finish some assignments.
So I was sitting alone in the room, trying to do the assignments… the weather outside was very bad … it was one of those cold and stormy nights …It had rained very heavily late in the evening and was still drizzling…as it was cold, I had wrapped myself in a blanket… the fruits of the Semal tree were falling in every minute or so,creating a very scary atmosphere and making me unable to sleep…

I was almost done with my assignments and about to go to bed, when I heard a knock on the door … as I was not sure who is there at the door at this point of time, I asked who is there … Its Rajeev.. came the reply …hesitantly I opened the door.. and found Rajeev standing outside completely drenched and shivering… I asked him to come in and change the cloths..
I was glad that atleast I now I am not alone … Meanwhile Rajeev had changed his cloths.. and had worn some warm clothes and sitting on the edge of the other bed … I just asked him about why he is so late and where is Bhaiya [my brother].. he said that the bus was late.. so he came back … and bhaiya stayed there to catch the bus…

then we got involved in some other talks about how bad is the weather.. and the road is really bad … they shouldnt have left home … also I was worried about my brother…finally I said, its late .. I think we should go to sleep now…

at this point Rajeev said …. wait I have to say something to you ..

Me: what ??

Rajeev: Have you ever talked to a ghost or have you seen a ghost ..
Me: No.. why are you talking about such things at this point of time..

Rajeev: Ghosts, are just like me and you..

Me: [little scared now] how do you know ?!?!

Rajeev: Because I am one…..

[ now the way Rajeev told this, without changing his facial expressions.. his words just hit me .. and made me believe that I am really talking to a ghost… I was scraed to death ]

Rajeev: The bus that we boarded today.. met an accident … because of this rain and poor roads .. bus slipped and fell into a ditch… many persons died .. I was one of them .. bhaiya has suffered some major injuries .. but he is alive …

Me: [watching him like a deaf and dumb … totally numb .. wasnt even able to close my eyelids]…

Rajeev: As you were closest to the spot … I came here to tell this news..

Me:[… no words..]

Rajeev: Rakesh, I feel very sad.. Wont be able to meet my parents now … they were so proud of me … do tell me that I was a good student and a very good human being …

Me:….. O…. Ok ..

Rajeev: Seems you dont believe me … you will come to know when you will read the newspaper, tomorrow..

Me: [trying to get some control on me .. and trying to show that I am not scared]

Me: I… I … I dont believe you… there is no such thing like ghosts… and even if they are.. I dont think you are … I.. I have heard that ghosts dont have shadows… and there legs are bent backwards … [… what a lame statement 🙂 ]
Rajeev: Thats why I asked you earlier … you never met a ghost before … good by rakesh… you were a nice friend .. I will miss your company ..
in reply to this I just told him that I dont want to listen more crap .. and feeling very sleepy [which was an absolute lie]… and going to sleep now ..

then I just grabbed my blanket and covered myself… reciting all the Gayatri Mantras and Hanuman Chalisas … even next day morning I didnt woke up untill he got up from his bed and went out …

I never accepted this to him, but I think he understood it very well.. that night was the scariest night for me ..


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5 Responses to Scary Story

  1. kalyani कहते हैं:

    ha ha .. Cant resist sayin this now …

    ur frend wud have had more fun .. if utkarsh was along wid u… hope u agree atleast this time .. 😉

  2. Ajit कहते हैं:

    Hey Rakesh Nice to know another fellow bihari blogger.GOod stuff .I have tagged your site.Keep Blogging Bhai.

  3. पिंगबैक: Rakesh’s Place » Blog Archive » God and Me

  4. sammi कहते हैं:

    so did your friend really die or was just pulling your leg

  5. Rakesh Singh कहते हैं:

    well, he is still alive to make many such stories like this 🙂

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