..and the countdown begins..

its 7 o’clock in the morning… the tring-tring of my mobile wakes me up… I take the call with half open eyes, wondering who is calling me at this moment… cant be my friends or some family member .. they know that I wont be awake at this point of time …

somehow, subconciously I manage to locate the phone and accept the call…


me: ummmm hello, kaun hai..

— Haan Hello, humlog Giridih se aaye hain, aapke papa se mile the, aapse milna tha

me: Ji…. (papa ne kabhi bataya nahi, aisa kuch)

— hello, hello… aap ka ghar kidhar hai…

Me: Madhapur main, aap kahan se bol rahe hain ..

— XYZPet or ABCguda or TDHpalli (basically I didnt know the place, and didnt bother to know)

Me: aap office aa jaiye … (and I give the office address, dictating spelling of every word .. R, A, H, E, J, A, Raheja .. M, I, N, D mind .. S, P, A, C, E space; Raheja Mind space ..

Later in the day…

I am sitting in the office, I get a call from security saying some one from my home has come to meet me … I come out to see two strangers waiting for me .. clad in one of those sparkling white khadi kurtas that they show in the detergent powder ads..
Stranger1 (Some 40-50 yrs old, talking to security): Hello… Rakesh Ji se milna hai…

Me: (just reaching there) Ji Main rakesh hoon..

Stranger2[Somewhere between 70-80]: Are beta aao aao baitho (pointing towards the empty sofa in front of me)

S1: Ji, humlog giridih se aaye hain…
Me: Ji !! (That much I knew.. Kyun aaye hain !!)

S2: Aur beta sab kuch kaisa chal raha hai thik thak na …

Me: Ji (what the heck)… aap log kuch lenge; chai, coffee..

S1: Nahi nahi, abhi meeting main ja rahe hain.. thoda jaldi hai..

S2: Suna hai Shadi karna nahi chahte ho ??

Me: hmmm.. ji abhi kafi kuch karna hai..[oh, so this is the matter… are shadi karna kaun nahi chahta .. but is it the time??]

S2: He he, sharmate ho… gharwale kahenge to bhi nahi karoge kya …

Me: Hmm… ji unko pata hai .. woh bhi nahi chahte itni jaldi …

S2: Humlog isi silsilay main aaye the… Thodi baaten karni thi..

Me: Ji Jaroor…

well this talk went on for some 10-15 minutes.. and the subject went on from my family background to my studies and also about my job .. whether it is permanent or I am working on some contract basis 😦 ….. during all this time S1 was monitoring my every movement, as if he has to report some superior authority…
Anyway it was only later in the day, when I called back home and found out that, these guys came here for my background verification for one Rishta… the person S2 is an ex Congress MP and grand pa of the girl… the other person S1 was also some District or State president of Congress… They were here in the city to attend this AICC meeting… as the meeting was little late or something they just dropped by office to have a little chat with me 😉 …

Nice, isnt it .. people write about their job interviews… I am writing about my matrimonial interview… he he .. done with one .. lets see how many more to go 🙂


About Rakesh

Hi, This is Rakesh, welcome to my web-log.
यह प्रविष्टि Random Ramblings में पोस्ट की गई थी। बुकमार्क करें पर्मालिंक

10 Responses to ..and the countdown begins..

  1. Vardhman कहते हैं:

    Dude, Life bana raho ho, Renumerations kitne promise kiye Offer karne wallon ne?

  2. Rakesh Kumar कहते हैं:

    @Vardhman: Dude that comes at a later stage… There will be many more rounds of interview …

    @Kalyani: Alas !! I will have to disagree..

  3. kopos कहते हैं:

    he he. i got it the moment i saw the line “– Haan Hello, humlog Giridih se aaye hain, aapke papa se mile the, aapse milna tha” …

    anyways, job interviews are for bakras(as we all are)
    and matrimonial interviews are for martyrs..

    anycase, mubarak ho and may god be with you.. 😀


  4. Asheesh कहते हैं:

    Welcome to this new world .
    Abhi to story start hui hain ,Asli gyan to milna baki hain 😀

  5. Rakesh Kumar कहते हैं:

    @Kopos: 🙂

    “Sarfaroshi ki tamanna, ab hamare dil main hai… “

  6. Kunal कहते हैं:

    Some questions:
    1) So have you been brain-washed?
    2) When is your wedding? (The Pulsar-party is still due!)
    3) Can we gate crash your place daily for dinner? (Home-cooked food is a rarity for us)

    All the best dude … Keep posting the matrimonial interviews… 😀

  7. arjun कहते हैं:

    aish hai rocky. …. now , I am not alone for this netaji wale sasur….

  8. aditya कहते हैं:

    cool rocky .. lucky man .. so kab suna raha hai khush khabri
    mere ghar wale to logon ko mere paas bhi nahi aane dete pehle hi bhaga dete hain :((( ..

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