Of Names and Nicknames …

I was reading MBA (Mediocre But Arrogant ) sometimes back, and realized the power of nicknames… Just read 5+ pages of the book and you’ll forget what are the real for most of the characters … after that its only Abbey and Rascal Rusty and Chotto and Haathi that I can recall…

ok, keep aside the book, if I talk about my batchmates, there are lots of them, whose original names are long forgotten by us … Bapu, Pelu, Under (or Underscore), Bolli, J. Lo, Parida, Patke, Tin-Tin, Pappu, Chandu, Majj, DVD are just some of the most popular once…
while some of these nicknames are pretty straight forward, for example Patke is the modified form of Patnaik .. surname of Sandeep Patnaik … also DVD is the our own interpretation of Vishal’s surname Dwivedi 🙂 Similarly the name J.Lo is an output of the hacks done on Jagan’s name L. Jagannathan …some of these, have a very interesting story, behind them… Lets take Pappu for example…

“Pappu”, this guy came to IIIT as Gaurav Shrivastava… a typical Lucknawi guy .. with bindaas and “who cares” attitude towards everything in life…

one evening, (I think it was our ragging period or may be immediately after that… ) our own J Lo was doing a lot of BC around.. with all the idealism and Bhasans about what is right and what is wrong .. . things to be done in the way it is said to be done and so on … Gaurav was listening to it.. he tolerated for some time but finally he got very irritated… saying stop this nonsense otherwise “I’ll Kill you” … J Lo listening to this starts laughing…. but Gaurav was still serious … then Pondy (Asheesh Pandey) takes charge of the situation… and starts telling about the legend of Pappu Duddai and his dares, back there in lucknow… J. Lo gets little tensed, thinking that if its partially true, taking panga with this guy might not be good for him, but he smiles back and says … “abe saale drama band karo”, and starts doing some more pravachan… meanwhile pappu changes his face expression to a more serious and angry look…. Pondy is silent now… he is watching carefully what Gaurav is upto next …

Pappu now stands up, lifts a knife [we do celebrate birthdays, so dont ask how this knife came into picture], and says “Saale jyada bakar ki to yehi Chakoo, tumhare sine main gaad doonga”… now in our lingo .. “J. Lo ki phatni shuru ho chuki thi”.. but he still manages to maintain his calm … pappu is still in the same mood… he starts moving towards J.Lo.. first step, second step, third step… and …
… now like any normal human being, who fears death J.Lo too, ran for his life .. shouting.. mujhe Paaappu se bachao… mujhe Paaappu se bachao… and everyone else burst into laughter ….

Since then Gaurav Srivastava is known,as the one and only…. Pappu…
[Disclaimer: Too much masala added in the last few paragraphs, actual story can be entirely different.. get in touch with the above mentioned guys to know the truth and all due apologies to J.Lo and Gaurav for exploiting their names]


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9 Responses to Of Names and Nicknames …

  1. Kunal कहते हैं:

    “Too much masala” is right! But anyways the story of Pappu-Duddai is legendary 🙂 Right up there with the “Did I show you this?” story…

  2. Rakesh Kumar कहते हैं:

    I forgot the history of “Did I show you this??” .. waiting for your post 🙂

  3. aditya कहते हैं:

    Rocky .. good masala .. accha lagaa padhne mein ..

  4. sandeep कहते हैं:

    abe i really didnt know this story..else would hv got frightened of staying with pappu in the same room :(( … hehe .. good one btw

  5. ramneek कहते हैं:


    Wait till my roomie (yes yes, I’m talking about pappu potad) gets back and reads this.

  6. aditya कहते हैं:

    Hi .. changed my URL 🙂 sorry u have to change the links …

  7. Gaurav कहते हैं:

    Have been out of blogosphere for long … that includes even commenting!!
    But since Rocky has taken “Pappu for example” 😦 I think it’ll be discourteous on my part having not left a comment 😉

    Although the story is “Too much masala”, it is true but … the coining of my nick-name is not consequential to the above. I owe all the @$#$%^*($% to Pondy (since we are talking of nicknames) Asheesh Pandey otw, for my original name being lost into oblivion.

    Nice post anyways!! 😀

  8. Asheesh कहते हैं:

    Well First of all Rocky this is not fair , you didnt tell everyone about your
    sweet nickname (RAKA,DAKU,) :D.(since every hindi movie has atleast one characted with that name )

    Secondly the story u r telling is not correct , that was paritosh and not me:).

    And one more thing thats not the reason why Gaurav got his
    nickname , Gaurav plz correct me if I am wrong 😀 and can you please tell
    the real story behind your christening :))

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