Popularity graph ..

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my wordpress stats says that I am getting popular day by day … people are finding time to visit my blog even on the first day of the year .. thats nice …

but folks, I will always suggest to celebrate new year by freaking out and spending time with your loved once and not with the “Intelligent Box”…

Happy New Year once again 🙂


About Rakesh

Hi, This is Rakesh, welcome to my web-log.
यह प्रविष्टि Random Ramblings में पोस्ट की गई थी। बुकमार्क करें पर्मालिंक

4 Responses to Popularity graph ..

  1. jayaram कहते हैं:

    I dont understand how to use this thing..i dont know what the numbers on the bottom mean 😦

  2. paresh कहते हैं:

    @ jayaram
    i think they are the days of the month

  3. Rakesh Kumar कहते हैं:

    @Jayaram and Paresh:
    Yeah they are the days of the month only..

  4. Kunal कहते हैं:

    Some people are never satisfied! You get 107 hits on New Year Day, and still you dissuade people from visiting your blog! 😛
    By the way your Performance Graph reminds me of Sehwag’s scores. Consistently inconsistent.. 🙂 But now on the rise again ….

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