WordPress Blog Stats

Cool utility provided by wordpress, am going through it since last half an hour or so …

shows a nice graph of number of visitors to my blog along with many other things, including top referrers, top posts …

but the best thing is the search queries which lead to my blog …

some of the funny queries:

Airtel Nigahein
tujhse naraz nahi
airtel dil ki baat

and the best one

“Kunal Murder” Song

Bach ke rahna kunal, there is some psycho after you, who wants to sing a song after killing you 🙂


About Rakesh

Hi, This is Rakesh, welcome to my web-log.
यह प्रविष्टि Random Ramblings में पोस्ट की गई थी। बुकमार्क करें पर्मालिंक

3 Responses to WordPress Blog Stats

  1. the bluedevilyn कहते हैं:

    I agree, the search terms are great. Least you don’t have these listed:

    nude photos
    first nude
    big breasts
    nude picture
    nude blog

    My personal favorite:

    me nude (huh?)

    Keep in mind my blog is somewhat sports related. ::shakes head::

  2. Kunal कहते हैं:

    Help!!! Bachao!!!
    Rakesh, why are you plotting my murder? Maine tera kya bigada hain? Abhi tak to achcha room-mate hi hoon… 😛
    So if I get murdered by someone singing a song, people will know who to blame… 😉

  3. पिंगबैक: Baseless Ramblings » Blog Archive » There is something about 38

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