The one with the Zip

this incident goes long way back to the time, when Jharkhand was part of Bihar and the Lalooo era hasnt yet started.. though the reference of these things is purely irrelevant …

to cut it short, I was a little kid then, bekhabar from most of the things happening in the world … that time, we didnt have a Television Set in our home.. so like all the other kids of my Gully, we used to go to watch the soaps in the home of our wealithiest neighbour…

Rajesh, was the eldest son of that family.. 3-4 yrs older than me .. and usually the most informed and the smartest ass of our Gang… [well we had a Gang, will talk about it in some other post]… So, this Rajesh apart from being everything .. used to be our Style Guru also, the reason could be the presence of TV, which I dont think so .. coz that was the Doordarshan era with no explicit Ads of Levis Jeans…

Oneday, Rajesh brought us all home to show the latest style statement of his… one of those ribbed cotton jeans…

wow … was my first impression …

Ok, I wasnt a fashion freak at that time .. but It was a nice change… as I used to wear only half pants till then.. getting a full length Pant.. meant joining the league of Big boys … so it was kind of cool .. something sort of a rebel against childhood …

Anyway, that evening after coming home I went to Papa and put this demand of buying me a new pair of jeans … Papa agreed at once … may be because considering over the fact that I hardly demanded anything … so the following day we went to this shop and came home with a beautiful blue colored, ribbed cotton jeans…

This was my first encounter with a Full length Pant.. along with it came a new thing .. ZIP… [earlier my all pants used to have buttons in the front … ]… I just tried the fitting of that pant that day .. and saved to wear on some special occasion, one was about to be in the next week .. Chhath Pooja… in my Mamaghar
Chhath Pooja lasts for 2 days mainly, we go to a nearby river to give Ardhya to the Sun twice, first day in the evening and second day in the morning…

It was the eve of first day, I went to the river with my family and some 300-400 more villagers… everybody was busy in the prayer and pooja, except we kids … suddenly, may be it was the effect of chilly wind or the effect of river .. I felt this sensation and urge to pee … I tried to hold it for sometime as the time for Ardhya has already come close … but after a few minutes I gave up .. and rushed to nearby bushes to relieve the pressure building inside me …

It was hardly 3-4 seconds that I got a call from back.. “Rakesh come soon” … people have already started giving Ardhyas… so I tried to finish it as soon as I could… then came another call “Rakesh, Kya kar rahe ho jaldi aao” … I had no choice to left it in between and rush …. I started zipping, I looked back, and tried to reply back loudly, saying I am coming….

Mummy, main Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…
holy cow/fcuk/shit .. whatever… I wasnt careful while zipping and now the poor little thing of me was Zipped ..

Now you can call it sensored .. but let me explain… as half of the world cant go through this situation [technical problem you know].. and in the other half.. only some of them have been unfortunate enough to be a victim of this incident … so most of the people dont know what it could be … the only guy other whom I know, who went through this trauma is the hero of “There is something about Mary”…

So the situation was like this, I was neither able to zip or unzip.. coz it was hurting like hell …. so I started crying … now everyone around came and surrounded me … poor me … was going through another pain now … of shame and public humiliation … the private thing of me was no more private … it was on a show .. like a hero of some movie .. fighting for its survival…. and the biggest problem was that the audience included girls also .. the one with whom I used to play 😦
finally it was rescue time … some one tried to come near me .. I shouted on such a high decible that he recoiled back… one or two more came but nobody came near to me..thinking that may be they will do more damage than the zip … anyway .. finally some one came ..and told me to close my eyes … and with a one flick .. My AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA turned first into Aaaaahs and then just a sobbing sound …

Well, thank God and thanks a ton to the person who saved my ……. otherwise I would have always remained doubtful about my would be kids ..
Chalte Chalte one word of caution to all the guys reading this post …

do zip it carefully dude 😉

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13 Responses to The one with the Zip

  1. Boys कहते हैं:

    That happens to everyone dude, to me to many I know 🙂

  2. jayaram कहते हैं:

    somehow i have a feeling this is an open login post

    :)) :)) did anyone get the pun?

  3. Rakesh Kumar कहते हैं:

    @Boys: 🙂

    @Parry: been through the same ??:

    @Jaya: “open login” !! …as in Nipun’s “Login” or normal Open Login ?? for the later case, I would like to clarify that “Maine yeh pure hosho hawas, main apni marzi se likhi hai 🙂 “

  4. ramneek कहते हैं:


    rocky, you took all the fun out of that “open login” pj (pathetic joke).

  5. Rakesh Kumar कहते हैं:

    Oye Pandey chup kar .. warna tera nam jag jaahir kar doonga 😉

  6. Asheesh कहते हैं:

    For a change why dont u start using those half pants again ,

    I am sure ppl would love to see you in one of those ( Without the Zip of Course ) 😀

  7. पिंगबैक: Rakesh’s Place » Definitely Male

  8. aditya कहते हैं:

    I dont know what to comment .. but this post is really worth commenting 😉
    Hope Vidit knows all abt this before hand ;))

  9. Rakesh Kumar कहते हैं:

    dont worry Adi, main waise bhi tere aur Vidit ke bich main kabhi nahi aaya 😉
    Vidit tera tha, tera hai aur tera rahega 🙂

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