Some reviews..

Saw a lots of movies recently.. here are my reviews, better late than never ..

1. Deewane Hue Paagal

Story: Copy of “There is something about mary”

Acting: Pathetic, only Akshay and Paresh rawal have done some justice to there role.

Music: Okie Okie type… can tolerate in the movie ..

Rating: *[Below Average]

Overall: you can leave it if you something else to see

2. Neal and Nikki

Story: Nothing new, a copy past from here and there .. a complete situation is take as it is from “My Sassy Girl”, bollywood grow up … I didnt expect this from Yashraj Production

Acting: Who cares when its a sex comedy…

Music: Some songs are good … can humm it outside the theatres also..

Rating: ** [Average]

Overall: Another Bollywood Masala Movie, lots of skin show, as Neal [Gurneel Ahluwali] says in the very first line of the movie, this is a typical indian movie with nothing Indian in it 😉 watch it with friends, but dont go with family..

3. Ek Ajnabee

Story: Bollywood “Man on Fire”.. again the same old thing .. bollywood desperately needs some writers.. where are the Javed Akhtars of Indian Cinema…

Acting: Amitabh is there what should you expect.. another good performance by the legend … we are fortunate for us that we are seeing more of him these days .. but unfortunately he is not getting good roles..

Music: Goes with the mood of movie.. nothing to be remembered as such .. the title song is good though..

Rating: **1/2 [better than an average movie]

Overall: Go for Amitabh, and the beautiful Perizaad [though she has not much to do in the movie] …

4. Bluffmaster

Storyline: Well cant say that this was an original story.. but still it was better than others.. though looks very much influenced by “The Game”

Acting: Abhishek, Riteish, Nana, Boman Irani and [for a change] Priyanka Chopra, all have done justice to their roles…

Music: Sounds good.. some of the songs are still in my playlist … my favorites .. bure bure (rap song), Say-Na Say-Na and the rap song Right Here- Right Now..
Rating: *** (not that good .. but still best in the market)

Overall: Bunty of Bunty & Babli fame is back with a new name Roy, so nothing new for Abhishek as such, Riteish has done a good job .. and the music is good … and Nana Patekar is marvellous …

Chalte Chalte: Except for the first movie, Abhishek is in all the other movies… So get ready to have a overdose of him ..


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