Global Orientation Plus @ Icrisat

Global Orientation Plus or GO+ in short .. is one of the trainings that all the new joinees are supposed to attend after joining Oracle..

The word training always feels me with those boring classes where I try to go early to grab a seat in the farthest possible row, so that I can keep chatting whole day.. but this one was different.. ask anyone and they would say its the best thing in the Oracle, and dont call it a training its a trip..

And indeed it was more of a trip than a training… which we realised last thursday , as group of 21 oracle employees along with our instructor; came to this beautiful campus of ICRISAT [dont remember the complete name]…

The place is really great… spread over some 4 thousand plus acres.. with greenaries all around .. full of beautiful lakes and farms … felt like I am in one of those places, which they
show in the some of the bollywood hits …

So, on thursday, we reached there in the evening … got 1 hr break to get refreshed and then the training started … first night it was of making paper houses … first we made paper houses by our own .. then we made it in groups … oh yes, forgot to tell you about the groups … there were 21 of us who got divided into 3 teams, based on a lottery system … every team had to decide there Identity {Read : Name, Logo and slogan} …

So we became SuperStars and our slogan was

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,

Let them wonder what we are !!

We have fire, we have power,

Hamare aage sab bekaar

Mayank‘s team was Raja Hindustani with slogan “Raja Bajayega Sabka Baaja”… well in the end it turned out to be “Raja ka baj gaya baaja”

after this phase of training, it was time for the dinner … and it was a great dinner, I must say, especially for the non vegitarians, and the icing on the cake were the dessserts .. cakes in so many flavours.. bannana, plum, carrot … hmm yummy …

after filling our stomachs to content, we moved into the lawns .. sitting and singing together… Gaurav was the center of attraction and created a very enjoyable atmosphere with my guitar ….

wow its great to sing “Purani Jeans” when someone is there with the guitar …

[to be continued…]


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2 Responses to Global Orientation Plus @ Icrisat

  1. Kunal कहते हैं:

    [to be continued…] these words should be banned! 😀
    And yeah nice new look 🙂

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