♫ Ta Da-Da-Da, Ta-Da Da-Da Da-Da ♫

How do you decide, which mobile connection you are going to take… Attractive Schemes, Good Connectivity, a better customer support system… hmmm the list will keep on growing if you think a lot …

anyway, I had to change my old Airtel prepaid connection with a post paid connection … and there were some good options in the market, from Hutch to BSNL, from Idea to Airtel… and I had almost decided to go for Reliance Joy…

Then I saw this new ad of AIRTEL …

Nigahein nigahon se mila kar to dekho,
Naye logon se rishta bane ke to dekho,
Hasratein dil me chupane se kya faida,
Apne honth hila kar to dekho
Aasmaan simat jayega aagosh mein,
Chahat ki baahein faila kar to dekho
Dil ki baat kar ke to dekho…

There is something unsaid in this ad, which never let me thought about another service providers, and forced to remain loyal to Airtel. and thats it .. I am back once again in Bharti bandwagon to enjoy more of that lovely jingle by Rehman…


♪ Ta Da-Da-Da, Ta-Da Da-Da Da-Da ♫

♪ Ta-Da Da-Da Da-Da-Da, Da Da-Da-Da ♫




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3 Responses to   ♫ Ta Da-Da-Da, Ta-Da Da-Da Da-Da ♫

  1. Kunal कहते हैं:

    The most innovative way to buy a new connection! So after all the commercials do work.. 🙂
    By the way, if you have the mp3 for that, can you send it to me. Even I loved it.. 😀

  2. controversy कहते हैं:

    kewl stuff man..if someone from Airtel reads this he/she wil b really happy .. one down..few more to go..vaise dude..i wil cal u to ask which is best connection..me too plannin for postpaid..

  3. MJ कहते हैं:

    Hi Rakesh,

    I love that hutch / vodafone song too. I googled a lot, but couldn’t find it anywhere for download. I called my own number, put it on hold and recorded it, but there are beeps in between. If you have, can you please share that ♪ Ta Da-Da-Da, Ta-Da Da-Da Da-Da ♫

    ♪ Ta-Da Da-Da Da-Da-Da, Da Da-Da-Da ♫ song with the whistle….thanQQQ

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