After the break …

.. Coming back from a much awaited and most enjoyed break of Durga Puja/Dussehera/Navaratri… it was fun .. and a nice change from this fast paced life @ Hyd…

so I Am Back, to post, to read, to comment, yeah back to blogs world …

A lot of water has flown under the bridge since I left for home… First of all, my good,old friends working in Verizon, came back to hyderabad and are now working in the company next door… poor Jayaram, he is the only one left in Chennai…. but the good thing is that he started blogging once again, in a new place but with same flavour…

Another thing which I really missed was the IIPM controversy… I came to know about this when I read an article in The Tribune related to Gaurav Sabnis, on my way back to hyderabad… ‘ll write more on this, once I get to know the whole issue in detail…

Abt my native place, its still the same like time has stood still there .. … there hasnt beeen much of change in there… except for a few new homes in my neighbourhood everything is like how I used to see there when I was in Xth…

There is this milkman which has been distributing milk for god knows how many years … he still comes everymorning, riding pridely his bpp Hercules Cycle… then there is this Newspaper wallah… he is unique in himself .. in the sense that he has played cricket with all the generations of players in Palojori… he used to be some 5-6 yrs senior to my brother in school .. he played with his batchmates … later with my brother, then with me .. and now he plays with the boys who are some 7-8 yrs junior to me …

Yeah onething has changed …
There was this Machchiwala, when I was a kid my neighbour told me his story, that this guy seem to had some blessing from GOD… whatever be the month of ther year, he always manages to catch enough fish to buy him a quarter of Mahua [local wine] and a plate of rice … dont know how true this story is … but he used to pass by my home every evening … fully drunk and shouting the words “Inquilab Zindabad”… probably the only word of Hindi/Urdu which he is aware of :)… we all kids used to shout in chorus with him … long live the revolution …

Now he is no more … but every evening I look towards the road, in the hope to hear the slogan “Inquilab Zindabad”

Apart from that nothing has changed there … still those happy faces with a innocent smiles and with the same old conversation …

Me: Pranam Chachaji..

Uncle: Khush raho, Khush raho. Kafi duble ho gaye ho .. khana wana thik nahi milta kya…

[feels good, when you know the fact that you are overweight by some 3-4 kgs :)]


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Hi, This is Rakesh, welcome to my web-log.
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4 Responses to After the break …

  1. Kunal कहते हैं:

    “Kafi duble ho gaye ho .. ”
    you are being conservative when you say you are over-weight by 3-4 kgs.. 🙂
    by the way link to khare’s blog is not working..

  2. Sreejith कहते हैं:

    Welcome back.. well we are neighbors now 🙂 feels good to read about your village. aah.. idyllic settings fill me with happiness.

  3. Rakesh Kumar कहते हैं:

    he he .. itna to chalta hai na .. after all its my blog ..
    thanks main .. btw read your poems/posts .. too good .. especially the “Promises”… allow me to borrow some of ur lines, whenever I require 🙂

  4. sandeep कहते हैं:

    how calm it sounds..the life in ur place..i wish our lives were also that calm…anyways..good that u enjoyed ur stay at home..

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