after a careless stroll …

Sometimes you feel that a particular song is made for you. It just fits with the mood and you go on humming it again and again … For the last few days I am feeling same about the song “Sitting on the dock of Bay” by Ottis Redding … anyway the keyword is not “sitting” but “careless” as I wrote in the subject line… So, on last wednesday, I got inspired from the song … and thought to waste some time… and just a few minutes later I realized that I am not wasting my time .. I am spending my time with myself … well, it might look like fattebazi but its true … I dont know about others but I seem to spend very little time when I am completely myself … …while coming back to my residence I decided to board off the auto, some 2 kms away from home, and started walking… it resulted in some realisations … first of all our approach towards life has become very mechanical .. we arent living Life anymore .. we are following a routine… its like we are programmed for everyday … from monday to friday .. wake up early in the morning .. go to office .. do some coding/debugging/surfing/chatting… come home tired in the evening, with no mood/condition for any creativity… we finally end up in our bed, hoping to rise early in the morning to go for office?? Is this what we work for?? I dont know what other people have plans for their life, but till recently I just wanted to be in a good company and keep climbing the ladder slowly and steadily towards the top.. I still want to do that.. but I want to know the price which I am going to pay for that… Well, it all seems very confusing for the time being … may be its time for another walk :)…

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8 Responses to after a careless stroll …

  1. Nirnimesh कहते हैं:

    Is this what we work for??

    Egjhactly! Join MS here. 🙂 Change is natural; Routine is epidemic. Change is good.

  2. Aj कहते हैं:

    Hi Rakesh!

    Been thru ur blog …u write kool man !
    in particular i had a few things to say about this post !

    Its umpteen times we all might have heard that Success is a journey not a destination.But we get so involved in the daily chores that we forget what is our aim and what r we doin all this for.Just remember it all the way and ur journey will b pleasurable.

    Just remember the “Do the Dew ” ad

    By the way…I am Ajay from Delhi wd be joining oracle hyd in november end.
    Do givme ur yahoo id

  3. sandeep कहते हैं:

    arre yaar..i truly agree with each and every word of urs…is climbing the ladder really worth we really need to work daily for so many days, weeks , months, years just to reach somewhere near the top ..

  4. Ajay कहते हैं:

    i am sure most of the junta out here feels the same … atleast I used to feel exactly what u have mentioned in ur blog, sometime last year … not that things have changed in ne which way … but these days I m kinda used to the life i m living and dont even bother for introspection …

  5. Kunal कहते हैं:

    I think everything comes with a price. But being stuck to a routine does not mean that life has become boring.
    I believe you are enjoying with your guitar, although Pankaj and I are not.. 😉

  6. sandeep कहते हैं:

    welcome back dude…some Qs for u..1) how was ur holiday .. 2) sweets ?? .. 3) why is everyone moving to wordpress..any advantages???

  7. Rakesh Kumar कहते हैं:

    Hi dude..
    Holiday was good .. brought sweets … U can still have some … come to our flat any time ..
    hmm wordpress is good, some advantages.. Categories, custom pages, built in smileys, search and probably a lot more, I have just started let me explore … btw if U want it do tell me ..

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