Thank You My Teacher !!


making the difference
long, long hours
creating a sense of family
being the keeper of dreams
pleasing a lot
using good judgment
teaching for learning
making reading fun
being the wind beneath my wings
that sensitive touch
teaching class
never giving up on anybody
believing in miracles
respecting each other
taking responsibility for all students
keeping a tight rein on discipline
striving for excellence, not perfection
being brave
smiling a lot
never depriving our children of hope
being tough minded but tender hearted
showing enthusiasm even when you don’t feel like it
keeping your promises
giving your best
your wisdom and courage
being punctual and insisting on it in others
providing creative solutions
avoiding the negative and seeking out the good
being there when students need you
doing more than is expected
never giving up on what you really want
remaining open, flexible, and curious
being a friend
keeping several irons in the fire
being a child’s hero
going the distance
having a good sense of humor
being a dream maker
giving your heart

Dedicated to All my teachers ..
especially to:
Mr. S. P. Karmhe (My teacher in primary school)
Mr. CV Kalyan Kumar ( My teacher in during Engg preperation exams)
Mr. Regeti GovindaRajulu (My teacher in IIIT Hyderabad)

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2 Responses to Thank You My Teacher !!

  1. Supa कहते हैं:

    need a fav…
    i’m looking for Kalyan Sir’s latest no… am student of his … need it as soon as possi…
    tthanks… a lot neways.. sorry to use this forum dis way…

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